Monday, May 17, 2010

Catwalking Me

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I was involved in an event that required me to wear insanely high heels. I was one of 16 celebrities invited to become a model for a fashion show with tribute to softness.

To simplify things, it was a product launch and the clothes were designed inspired by the product, a lotion to be exact.

Among those who were invited to catwalk that day were actresses, singers, tv personalities and Miss Malaysia. It truly is an honour to be invited because I see myself as a smallfry, seriously!

Each of us modeled clothes from 2 designers - Put3 and Carven Ong.

Here's me in Put3.

It was my first time modelling and I needed a lot of guidance on how to walk. But in the end I was told I pulled it off. Phew!

Prior to the event, we had our hair and make up done at a nearby hotel. I always try not to pump in the toilet unless I plan to throw it away.

However that particular day I wanted to pump and store and had no choice but the toilet. Lucky thing I was at a hotel. You know how nice hotel toilets are. So I was confident and just went pumping away.

Imagine of I didn't - engorged, uncomfortable and I might not fit in the dress, particularly at the chest area. Eek!

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Nini dear.. said...!!...hehehehe

Suliana said...

kat klcc ke?? hari tu gi klcc, johnson pun ada wat macam ni.. tapi tak de model la..hihi

IRIN PUTRI said...

Nini: sexy ke? Haha..

Suliana: haa..KLCC lah ni. Time ada model masa launching je. Besides that just promotion je kot.

Mrs Faizal said...

cantik! :D


vogue mommy la dear!

faizah sukeri said...

mcm baby pompuan yg 5 tahun pkai bju yg cute2...hehe..^_^