Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleepy Me

Nowadays I'm not much of a light sleeper. I tend to toss and turn until I get one position that I really feel comfortable. At times I wake mommy and daddy from sleep as I hit them with my hand, kick them or just roll over and lean against their body.

When this phase first began, it caught mommy and daddy by surprise as I pushed the pillow and chair (that acted as double barrier on the bed) and dived down to the floor. Lucky thing I was OK.

Anyways, here's my most comfortable sleeping position.

Really, really comfy indeed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Milk-Filled Balloons

Disclaimer: this post is about the female anatomy.

As hard as I try to pump every 3-4 hours, there are days when I fail to reach that target. Thus leaving the milk as if screaming to come out or my boobs might burst like a water balloon.

Anyways, sometimes when I pump my engorged breasts, somewhere in there somehow one part refuses to come out. You know what I mean?

I could pump and pump and that one part just stays a lil bit hard as compared to the rest of the breast. Eventually it comes out via the pump or direct feeding.

I guess it happens to other people too, no?

A friend of mine was hospitalized for a week because of an infection of the milk duct. It's called Mastitis if I'm not mistaken, kan? The doctor had to use the needle to take out the blocked milk. She said it was like the milk turned to cheese. That freaked me out!

So the lesson here is: don't leave your breasts engorged.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ultra Sensitive Crybaby Raees

Last weekend was the most crying I've seen from Raees!

Here's the thing...we were at a relative's house for a kenduri. There were hundreds of people and being the adorable boy he is, people wanted to greet him, pinch him, carry him, adore him. Instantly the waterworks started.

He was OK after a while as he started crawling around. Then he became cranky yet again. Naturally, I thought it was time for milk. To my surprise he cried even louder! He usually cries that way when he's in pain/uncomfortable. My next assumption - he had wind. So I applied a bit of oil on his tummy but it didnt' work! His diaper was OK too. I reached a dead end.

All I could do was try to calm him down while Mer went straight for the car to fetch us at the gate. He was passed from me to my mom, dad, mother in law...all the while his crying didn't subside! We were getting stares from the other guests already. Finally he was passed back to me and he was quiet again. Phew!

Although he stopped crying and fell asleep in the car on the way back, his sobs went on until we reached home. That was how bad he was crying! Poor boy...

Started our little research and found out that at babies at 8-9 months start experiencing stranger anxiety. And last weekend the anxiety hit him big time! He went crying at 3 seperate occasions, at 3 seperate places. Besides the kenduri, he cried at a get-together at my aunt's place that night and at a shopping mall the next day!

The nice thing about all this - everytime he cries, he reaches out his hands for me :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One Day At KLCC...

...I was walking around alone while Mer kept some things in the car, when a man (probably in his late 30s) approached me.

Man 1: excuse me, you look familiar.
Me: erm..ok.
Man 1: are you an actress?
Me: nope. I'm with TV3.
Man 1: haa..ya ya. You're in that programme...erm..what is it called?
Me: majalah 3, WHI...
Man 1: haa..ya ya.

(his friend, probably in his 30s, joined us)

Man 2: so betul ke? Betul ke?
Man 1: she's from tv3.
Man 2: ooh..thought you're an actress. What's your name?
Me: I'm irin.

(seems like I gave them all the answers. I doubt they knew me at all.)

Man 2: Do you mind if he takes a picture with you? With me tak boleh or my wife will get upset. This guy is ok coz he's single (pointing to man 1). Why don't we grab a drink?
Me: err..I'm actually waiting for someone.
Man 1: ohh boyfriend lah ni.
Man 2: let's move to the side where we are not in the way of the crowd walking. Better spot for a picture anyway.

(moved a few steps away. Man 2 took a picture of man 1 and me. More small talk proceeded. Then Mer came around.)

Me: oh yeah, let me introduce you to my husband!

(more small talk went on)

Man 2: hey, we're late for our movie! It's at 7pm.
Man 1: oh ya..Movie at 7pm. Nice to meet you.
Man2: bye!

Late for a movie? 5 minutes ago they asked me for a drink!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wearing Raees Outside

Remember the time when I first started wearing Raees? I didn't dare wearing him outside the house because I wasn't sure if I could handle him, you know, in case he gets restless. I was also concern if it might hurt my shoulder if I were to carry him around for a long time. Plus, I was not entirely confident that I was wearing him right.

That was then. Now I'm a confident babywearer! Woohoo! The key to a non-sakit shoulder is to wear it right ;)

I wear him whenever we go somewhere inconvenient for a stroller (i.e. doctor's appointment) or when he doesn't wanna be in the stroller. For example, we went out over the weekend and put Raees in his trusted stroller. Somehow he became restless. So it was my sling to the rescue!

Raees likes being worn! I guess it's because he can see what we adults see and the fact that he's close to me makes him more calm. All he did was look around and didn't say much. Probably overwhelmed by the sight - the different environment and crowd.

When he got hungry, he started biting the ring. That's my cue to feed him. So off we went to the little baby room. Notice how empty it is when we went in...

Once Raees was done, it was as if all babies at the shopping mall decided to poop at the same time. Parents had to queue for a diaper change!

Once Raees was filled, he was in a much better mood and it was back to the stroller for him! Just look at my boy...

He looks like he had an overdose of milk, kan? :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Catwalking Me

As I mentioned in the earlier post, I was involved in an event that required me to wear insanely high heels. I was one of 16 celebrities invited to become a model for a fashion show with tribute to softness.

To simplify things, it was a product launch and the clothes were designed inspired by the product, a lotion to be exact.

Among those who were invited to catwalk that day were actresses, singers, tv personalities and Miss Malaysia. It truly is an honour to be invited because I see myself as a smallfry, seriously!

Each of us modeled clothes from 2 designers - Put3 and Carven Ong.

Here's me in Put3.

It was my first time modelling and I needed a lot of guidance on how to walk. But in the end I was told I pulled it off. Phew!

Prior to the event, we had our hair and make up done at a nearby hotel. I always try not to pump in the toilet unless I plan to throw it away.

However that particular day I wanted to pump and store and had no choice but the toilet. Lucky thing I was at a hotel. You know how nice hotel toilets are. So I was confident and just went pumping away.

Imagine of I didn't - engorged, uncomfortable and I might not fit in the dress, particularly at the chest area. Eek!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Pumping On Assignment

I was on assignment at a hospital recently and had to find a place to pump. It was lunch time and I politely asked the nurses if I could 'borrow' the room we were in since they were going out to get somethig to eat anyway.

So here you have it...pumping at the hospital procedure room. Thats a first.

With my trusted notebook and cordless mic patiently waiting for me at the side.

A few days later I'm confronted with a different situation. Not an assignment but an event..a fashion show plus product launch. Guess what I have to do? Here's a clue: It involves 4 inch heels.

Actually I'm in the middle of getting my hair done. How am I gonna find time and place to pump? We shall see...

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hard At Work For Mommy

Who knew celebrating my mommy on Mother's Day was such hard work?

I wanted to show my appreciation to my mommy, so I prepared something for her. First, I got her a card. A noisy card to be exact.

Everytime you open the card, it erupts with baby laughter. The baby in the card even has its own pacifier. Lucky you! Even I don't have one. Mommy says I'm a big boy so I don't need one. Hmm...whatever you say mommy!

I also wrote one full page on why I love my mommy...

Then I thought, just a card? That wouldn't be enough. I needed something MORE. So, with daddy's help, I got her this pretty cute little thing...

Isn't it cute? Can't wait to see our picture in it.
So I had the photoframe in my hands. Now how do I make it presentable for mommy? Hmmm..

Oh right, a cute photoframe must only go together with a cute wrapping paper. My, was a difficult task for me!

After much hassle, biting and crying in frustration, eventually I managed to wrap it nicely and surprise my mommy with her very first Mother's Day present! Weee!

Phew...I was tired alright! But looking at how happy it made my mommy, it was all worth it.
Happy Mother's Day, mommy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

If You Are Adding Me In FB...

...I apologise if I haven't approved you.

I slacked for a week and then I there were about 50 requests 'to be my friend'. 1 week became 2 weeks. 2 weeks became 2 months and before you know it...

It got out of control! I only got around to approve about 30 people recently. Even so, the requests grow a lot faster than I had time to approve them!

Anyways, if you are among those who are waiting for approval, do leave me a message and I'll add you soonest possible :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Speaking Of Cheeky...

Here's a close up of Raees' cheekiness!

So Mother's Day is around the corner. I have arranged a string of things to do and places to go to celebrate my mom, mother in law and :D (hey, it's the first time I'm being celebrated ok? :P )

Got my roots touched up and looking forward to dressing up in a cute attire.

And thennn...someone is not feeling above the weather, if you know what I mean, and prefers to stay home instead. There goes my plans. Can it still be salvaged? We shall see.

Happy Mother's Day, mommies!

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cheeky Cheekier

Raees' toothless smile can melt any heart (Yeah, still no gleaming pearls. But there's no need to rush, right?). If you think his smile is cute, just check out his CHEEKY smile!

Before you mention it, yes, his crib will be put at a lower level as soon as possible. He just doesn't wanna sit or roll around in the crib anymore but enjoys standing instead. Strenghtening his leg muscles I presume. Can't wait to walk eh, Raees?

Anyhoo, did you know that Raees doesn't just give a CHEEKY smile but also makes a much MUCH CHEEKIER smile?

He cringes his nose and makes his eyes so small you think they're closed. In fact he leaves them open so very slightly to enable him to see people laughing and enjoying his adorable look.

Such an entertainer, this boy :)

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tok Wan and Me

I'm proud to say I have a very cool Tok Wan! He never fails to make me laugh. For example, he knows how much I love water so some times he would dip my feet in the sink filled with water.

Anything involving water will lift my mood instantly and it gets me laughing and smiling from ear to ear!

I also love the outdoors! I love going out for a ride in the car and seeing new faces and places.

But with H1N1 emerging again, daddy says I mustn't go out unnecessarily. Oh bummer :(

Knowing that I would get cranky if I stay indoors for too long, Tok Wan would bring me out to garden in the morning where I get to see the birds flying, bees buzzing, neighbour's dog barking and enjoy the fresh air.

While I hang out with Tok Wan, mommy and daddy would be busy getting ready for work.

Then I get to say bye-bye to mommy and daddy as they leave home. What? Seperation anxiety? Not me. You know, I've never once cried when mommy and daddy left me at home.

Macho kan? :D

That's because I know I'm in good hands of my grandparents. What would I do without them?

Some say I may grow up to be grandpa's sidekick. Hehe..that would be cool, no? Grandpa and me. Tok Wan and Raees, the dinamic Batman and Robin!

Ok I'm getting out of topic here. Point my Tok Wan!

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