Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mommy Never Stopped Thinking Of You

My darling Raees,

Did you know that you were always on my mommy's mind while I was a few thousand miles away from you? Every few hours mommy would quietly pump away, imagining you were with me right there. In fact, mommy was so discreet that people hardly noticed what going on underneath the scarf.

Mommy met this lady who works as a nutritionist, her name is Lynly. We got into talking over dinner and I found out she develops formula milk. Even so, she admits there's nothing better than breast milk for a baby.

Then she pointed out something that got mommy thinking - hard. Most mothers would have low levels of iron after delivery. For breastfeeding moms, most of the iron in the body is given to the baby. As baby is given priority, now the mommy doesn't enough iron. But if the mommy is iron deficient, baby is too. So it's double whammy!

She said iron is vital for baby's brain development so it's really important for the baby to have sufficient iron in the first year of life. That's why nowadays you see mommy popping iron pills every morning :)

Anyways, whenever I saw babies in New Zealand I always thought of you, Raees. This one time mommy was in a ferry from Whaiheke Island back to Auckland, I thought I saw this lady carrying a doll with one hand. But then again, she's much too old to be doing that. After closer look, goodness, it's a tiny baby!

And get this, he was only 11 days old! I couldn't help but stare at the tiny boy dressed in a sweater, sleeping in her mommy's arms. It got me wondering how you were doing back home.

You gave Tok Mama a difficult first 3-4 days, didn't you? I'm glad you gave in and made peace with the bottle.

You ended up drinking more than I expected - up to 6 servings a day. Luckily mommy prepared over 50 servings of EBM for you. By the time I got back, there were only 5 left!

Good thing you still remembered me and didn't have problem latching on. I could see the relief in your eyes to have me home. I was too :)

It has been almost two weeks since mommy got back and it seems like you refuse to sleep in the crib and wanna be on the bed with me. You really missed me, huh Raees?

You know that in mommy's line of work, there will be times where mommy would have to leave you behind. In fact, mommy will be away for 4 days next week. I've been struggling to restock the EBM in the freezer for you. It hasn't been easy since the milk supply dropped slightly after I got back. Alhamdulillah, it has shown improvement. It's your rezeki, Raees ;)

As difficult, challenging and tedious as it may seem, mommy will try my best for you. All because I love you so very much.



Suliana said...

sian nye raees.. kat NZ tu u pam berapa kali?? production drop tak after balik NZ? i nak tnya, liquid like EBM ni takboleh bawa naik flight eh??

IRIN PUTRI said...

kat NZ pam every 3-4 hours. prod drop jugak but now dah ok.

ebm kalau masuk check in luggage boleh la kot. even so, too much hassle to worry about that. i buang semua. pam pun bukan bersih sgt coz tak sterilize or cuci bersih2 after each use. ice pack pun tak bawak. pam just to maintain the milk supply je not for storage.

Thara said...

oh no, another trip? it's true then, no? even a TV-personality has its own set of challenges. especially to a BF TV-personality mummy like u. sighs. its ok though - uve done it, u can do it again! keep pumping irin, it will be rewarding u'll see! :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

so far i managed to store enough for about 3 days. but i have to keep on storing coz i never know when i'll be outstation again.


sedihnye kena buang semua ek ebm tu..
takpe,at least ur milk prod tak drop!!
yeap, dah lama stop taking iron pill,time preggy never missed all those pills,tp nape skrang I stop ek??
gud dear, u just I step ahead..

happy pumping again!!

Nini dear.. said...

InsyaAllah...ada rezeki utk Raes..teruskan usaha ye..saya still breastfeed anak saya..umo dia dah 1tahun 7bulan :)

dbalkis said...


Again and again..I'm so touched..
Lucky Raess who still exclusively bf till now..

As for me too, i agree that travelling with few stops is so troublesome for bf mom to keep their ebm. Unless if you wanna try next time, u may bring back the last day stock. At least dapat sikit. One day full pumping pun dapat le around 20oz++. Why not kan??

So far I rasa kalau check in memang selamat. I did that for my Japan trip last year. Normally kat airport i x pump but pump dalam flight, just minta cabin crew simpankan.

airin diana said...

u must hv been feelin better to be back home with ur son, aight? good job maintaning your milk supply!
good info on the iron stuff. i still continue eating those Pramilet pills taken during pregnancy. not sure how reliable it is, but i guess better than nothing, rite? yup, they have 5 mg of iron. is that enuff?

Omecool20 said...

aww.. very sweet :D .... a really nice post ... something for the future :)

lily lotus said...

aduhai...can see how happy he is when u're with him..that was so sweet dear

IRIN PUTRI said...

Mommy Nadia: milk prod drop sikit but manage to recover after 1 week. Yeah I pun didn't miss taking iron pills masa pregnant. Now baru start balik.

Nini: wah hebatnya!

dbalkis: rajin u bawak balik susu ye. by the then I dah penat, ingat nak balik je.

Airin: bagus u ambik the supplement. I pun tak tau berapa mg required.

Omecool: yeah hopefully raees gets to read them
one day :)

lily lotus: yeah he was genuinely happy to see me. He greeted me with a smile and open arms :D

mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

mummy, mummy! bila nak balik? =)

Anonymous said...

Salam Irin,

I nak tanya,masa u pegi NZ ur son minum brapa oz per day? Sekali feeding tu brapa? Im going to spore for 4 days end of this month so masa ni tengah buat stock for my 7 mths old son.

Hope to hear from u soon