Thursday, April 15, 2010

From New Zealand With Love (Part 4)

I haven't been much of an adrenaline-junky, adventure-seeking girl. However New Zealand is known for its extreme sports and adrenaline-driven activities. So it's only natural for me to give it a try. I started small by trying out the SkySwing at this recreational area at a mountain called SkyLine. How does it work? Well, imagine a pendulum swing...we were the pendulum.

And it swings off a cliff! So it feels as if we're being thrown out of the mountain...crazy fun! I don't wanna spoil it so wait for the feature on TV soon ;)

At the same place, we had a great time with the Luge. It's a simple gokart-looking thing that works with the force of gravity. Very simple yet enjoyable. We started off at the top of the mountain and went down the track to the foot of the mountain.

There were 4 tracks to choose from - beginner, scenic, intermediate and advance. We went for the scenic track first where my friends and I were busy racing through it and totally didn't notice the scenic view. Hehe..

Round 2 - we went for the advance track which was very challenging and much steeper than the earlier one. I was quite surprise that this time we finished the course lightning quick. Shows how steep it was and how fast we were going.

Then we went offroad where we get to drive the 4x4 vehicle through a challenging terrain. Most of us have never went offroading before so we were guided through each step of the way. There were many heart-stopping moments there alright! And again, I won't spoil it here :)

The ultimate challenge would've been the bungy jump off the Auckland Bridge. However there were change of plans so we went SkyJumping instead. SkyJump is where we jump off the SkyTower in Auckland (something like our KL Tower) at a height of 192m!

I was filled with nerves as I was geared up and went on the elevator to reach the SkyJump platform. Did you know among 7 of us jumping that day, I was the first to go? I was afraid I would chicken out at the last minute. Now I'm proud to say I have jumped off a building and lived to tell about it!

I was informed by a New Zealander (who has tried both SkyJump and Bungy jump) that this one is more scary as it is way higher and we fall longer. Hmm..maybe one day? After going through all this, I've became an adrenaline-seeking girl! Now I'm looking forward for more adventures :D

I had the time of my life at New Zealand..made new friends, went to interesting, beautiful places and did many things I never thought I would do. As great as the trip was, my heart belongs at that's another story :)


Aini said...

Lucky you!! How I wish I could someday try all those ;).

Thara said...

u are one heck of a chic, wait no correction -- mummy! gila berani uuu! kalau i misti dah berkali kali mengucap while doing all that! hahaha. but it sounds fun though! must take note to plan a visit to NZ in the future! :D

IRIN PUTRI said...

aini: do try! i heard kat sunway lagoon ada bungy..tak sure ada lagi ke tak.

thara: i baca ayat kursi before i jumped ok! hehehe..

M.i.r.a.n.d.a said...

hehe. dlm hati ade rasa nak try bungy tp i rasa bile smp masa nnt mesti fikir 1000x nak buat ke tidak. then kepala asyik imagine yg bukan2. u berani ok!!

rara said...

wah cayalah irin! one day i mmg nak buat bungy jump ni. masa kat macau dulu i chicken out.. nasib baik dia mahal so ada alasan.. haha..