Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From New Zealand With Love (Part 2)

Thousand apologies to my fellow readers for my absence. No I haven't abandoned the blog. After coming back from New Zealand, the amount of work I had was just mountain high! Fret not, coz I'm back to share my long overdued story in New Zealand. Please be informed there's just so much to tell about my trip, so I've written it in parts.

One day after I reach Auckland, my colleague and I were flown to Blenheim, situated at south of New Zealand. Did you know that taking a domestic flight in New Zealand is like taking the bus? You just check in and board the flight without any security screening what so ever. I guess New Zealanders are trust-worthy people.

The airport consists of a small building and a runway. Totally not what I expected. Our Kelantan airport is way, way bigger!

Anyways, over there I stopped by a King Salmon farm. When we say 'king', you can expect it to be bigger than the ordinary salmon. I don't know how much an ordinary salmon weighs but this one is 4kg.

I may look relaxed (do I?) but my arms were aching while carrying it with one hand. Hmm..somehow carrying 9.5kg Raees doesn't have the same effect on me. Well, maybe a little. Hehe!

Next up, we travelled about 30 minutes to check out green-lipped mussels! New Zealand is said to have the best green-lipped mussels. It takes 2 years for it to grow to 10cm long and it takes 10 seconds to eat it. Imagine that?

We were quite rushed through the two assignments as we had to catch the 4pm flight back to Auckland. Here's a look at our plane.

Apparently this is considered a decent-sized aircraft. It fits about 40 people and we were served juice and sweets on the flight :)

The next day we checked out from the hotel and visited a few F&B companies. I had icecream for breakfast by the way :D You may have seen my report about NZ icecream on MHI last Monday.

We were making our way to Tauranga before we stopped at a tea plantation. Yeap, you heard that right. Tea plantation in New Zealand, y'all...at an area as big as 80 football fields! This report was also shown on MHI last Tuesday and Buletin Utama a few days back.

Finally, we reached Tauranga where we met up with 14 other people that were part of the media tour for a kiwifruit company. Among them are print media from Malaysia and India. The next few days were a lot more fun!

We spent the whole firs tday together getting to know the kiwifruit industry and of course, had a whole lotta kiwi!

We went to the kiwifruit company's HQ where we were brainwashed with kiwi. Got to know some of the growers (who live very comfortably with a nice pool!) and I then got down and dirty picking kiwifruits from the orchard!

After 5 minutes, I managed to fill up the bag with 15 kiwifruits. I was told not to quit my day job :P

After working *very* hard the whole day, we were brought to a beautiful lodge at a very private, quiet area up the hill where we sit back, put our legs up and relax.

And the view...

...took my breath away! If we stayed the night, we could even enjoy it while taking a bubble bath..

The chef prepared a nice wholesome dinner for us, which included fish and kiwi-flavoured icecream for dessert. Yeah, what other flavour would there be? What a way to end the day.

By the way, I had a conversation with a nutritionist over dinner and I found out something really important which I will share with you people soon ;)


Thara said...

yeay finally blog updated! :D very nice entry babe, very nice place too! u look astho u had tons of fun! cant wait for your nutrition info entry. more stories, more more more! :D

IRIN PUTRI said...

just uploaded more. overload with NZ tak? haha!