Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing My Boy

Everytime we bring Raees out, say to the shopping complexes, we would usually bring along the stroller. When situations are not suitable for a stroller, we would simply carry him.

Being a big boy (9.3kg and growing) it definitely does get very tiring. When he was younger I used the carrier. I only used it that one time coz it felt quite difficult to put him in and take him out of it.

Then I got my very own ring sling...

Now I get to carry him around (hands free) with ease! Don't we look like mommy and baby kangaroo? :D

I haven't used it outside the house just yet. My mother raised her concerns about Raees having to spread his legs in the sling - since he's not able to walk yet and afraid that he might end up being bowlegged (walk terkangkang).

I understand that much younger babies can be put in this type of sling, with legs spread. I googled around and found no evidence of sling babies being bowlegged.

Even so, is there a reason to be concern?


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

i like this thinking to have 1 too...yey!!~


I used to carry my son with bjorn..yet wit the infos from frens,InsyaAllah next baby I'm prefer the babywearing type too..

both of u look cute in that sling :)

twayblade said...

no such as thing as kaki kangkang. my son walks normally. tak kangkang pun.

actually semua grandparents terlebih concern when it comes to their grandkids. u just do what u think is good for your raees. this is, afterall, 2010.

glam.mama said...

Irin, KUDOS again! Babywearing is awesome (of course I would say that, hahaha)and people have been doing it for thousands of years with no adverse effects on babies' development. The key is proper positioning - as long as baby's knees are above their bum, there should be no adverse effect. I will look for the website with the medical research RE babywearing and give it to you ok.

Btw, I'm gonna bite the bullet and just ask - do you think you could possibly get babywearing a spot on TV? We at Malaysian Babywearers would be eternally grateful!


glam.mama said...

Irin, at this link you can find several articles about the effect of babywearing on a child's physical development and I'm pretty sure kaki kangkang issue is mentioned:

Aishah Megahasz said...

Yeay, another babywearing mummy.

Jomla join MBW

IRIN PUTRI said...

nurul aima: ok gak tu. dah plan for next baby eh?

mommy nadia: thank you! :D

twayblade: yea, maybe it's a grandparent's thing.

glam.mama: i was waiting for your comment :D thanx for the link. i've tried to put raees' bum as low as possible from his knees and that's the best i can get (refer to the pic). so, is that the right position?

actually i planned to suggest babywearing to my producer even before you mentioned it. anyways, i just told her about it and she said CAN!

anyways, she needs your contact number. you can email it to me at princess_iryn at yahoo dot com. the production team will contact you for more details.

aishah megahasz: ok!

Faten Rafie said...

absolutely no worries regarding the bowleg as a result of babywearing using slings that support the bum as opposed to those supporting the crotch! most our parents come from a generation that believes modern looking gadget are always better, those traditional looking will inflict all sort of disfigurement & malady on their 'pengarang jantung'!

salam perkenalan.

JumpSac Baby® Slings said...

Came to your blog from Adriana's post. Wearing looks ok from the pic :). Lovely pic by the way!
I hope you'd enjoy using it as much as I do :D

And I'm seconding the request for the babywearing appearance on TV (WHI)!
If it materialize, and if you need a variety of slings for 'show & tell', an extra hand at demo-ing, email me at

p/s: can I add this pic to the gallery on later? (am gathering pics now)

OK. Enjoy babywearing!


Hidayah said...

wow...i'm soooo excited seing u wearing your son...and we at Malaysian Babywearer(MBW)are soo happy if u can join us..we hope that more mummy will realize how easy to fall in love with to see babywearing mommies dalam TV lak after the Berita Harian page kan Glam.mama??

welcome to the wonder of babywearing key..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Jumpsac baby: sure u may use my pic on the website :)

regarding Whi, the producers will get in touch. Probably u can also give me your contact details via email? Thanx!

glam.mama said...

Hey Irin, I just sent you an e-mail :D Look forward to hearing back!

And to echo those other mamas' sentiments - yes, you are a much welcome addition to our babywearing community here! :D

JumpSac Baby® Slings said...

Irin, emailed ya.
Yay! Can't wait!


IRIN PUTRI said...

Thanx girls! Keep April 5th free :)

p!nkerton said...

hi irin! u look gorgeous (as always). baby raees pun so healthy & handsome :)
(err, not sure either u still remember me or not hehe..) take care yea ;)