Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Post Mandi Time

I love bath time with Raees as it is his favourite time of the day. However nowadays it's getting more and more difficult to get him dressed.

I guess every parent experience the same thing, right?

Just look at my boy..tak sempat2 nak get up and put things into his mouth.

I wonder how it will be like when he can walk. We'll be chasing him around the house maybe? :)


twayblade said...

my boy now hates wearing clothes after his bath. nak pakaikan diaper pun berperang.

so much energy trapped in a tiny body huh?!

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

betul 3x..

dbalkis said...

yup aetul Irin, bila dah jalan, mamanya akan excercise asyik kejar anak. I usually lap2 semua dalam toilet before let him off the toilet...nanti die jalan merata dengan berkemban..

Thara said...

true. aydein is such a wriggly baby nowadays. cant get him to sit still during diaper changing and alike even for 10 secs! oh but u can distract him and keeping him still by giving him something (e.g. his toy) to play though. works for me all the time. :)

mrs Fahmi said...

i always consider this as the post-bath exercise specifically for the mommies....memang confirm sweating...:p

IRIN PUTRI said...

What I usually do is let Raees play with things too. He's more interested in the powder than anything else. And loves to bite the changing mat. Aiyoo..

Raees' least favourite part is pakai baju. Selalu start to merengek when we put his hand dlm sleeve.

And yes, I usually become all sweaty after that while he is so wangi :)