Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mommy's At The Airport

Raees dear,

Mommy left for the airport this morning while you were sleeping. I'm glad I managed to feed you just before I left.

At first mommy was suppose to go to Sabah for 6 days. Plans changed and mommy will be there for 3 days only.

It's difficult leaving you behind for the first time. I try not to think of it too much and concentrate on work instead. But it's not that easy.

Be good, my darling. See you soon.


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tinie said...

alalal..siannye raees kena tinggal.. takpe mommy dh tinggal bekal kn..sib baik la 3 ari jek..6 ari lama tu

dbalkis said...

gud luck Irin..the toughest time will be the pumping time and sleeping without him..me to left my boy for a week at his age of 5months..

mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

kalaulah raees boleh baca, mesti dia sedih! nak saya letak kat mana note ni? atas meja? atau dekat ngan botol susu? =)