Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Journey To Pulau Matanani Begins

We began our boat ride to Pulau Matanani, Sabah after getting some rice and vegetable at Kota belud to give to Pak Enggu, our host and owner of the boat that would bring us there.

Everything seemed fine until 10 minutes later..the engine died.

As Pak Enggu struggled to repair the engine he went on and on,"tiba2 saja mati enjin!"

With night time coming real soon, I could still hear the sound of tools and the wave banging on the boat, rocking the boat from side to side.

I'm not experiencing sea sick...yet.

Hey, guess what?

About half an hour stranded, I was just informed we'll be going back to the jetty to get help to get to the island.

Boat being towed...

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