Monday, March 29, 2010

From New Zealand With Love (Part 1)

Hello from lovely New Zealand! It's my third night in here already and I'm enjoying the trip alright ;)

The first night I was here I had my first uninterrupted sleep in 7 months. Maybe it's because I was very exhausted after the 10 and a half hour flight. I slept so soundly that I overslept the next morning!

Over here I rely on my good old manual pump instead of the automated one. For several reasons really..

1. It's light weight. The automated one is quite bulky to bring around.

2. It's easier to pump in uncovered places i.e in the car/bus. All I do is cover up with my scarf/shawl and pump away.

3. I don't need to worry about batteries running out.

4. It's quieter so I don't draw unwanted attention.

Of course the manual pump can't compare to the automated pump's ability to pump more milk in shorter time.

It's quite a struggle to find time and place to pump here especially with the nature of my work that requires me to move around a lot.

You know, yesterday I took a flight from Auckland to Blenheim (south of New Zealand) early in the morning and went on two boat rides. I flew back to Auckland in the evening.

Today I had shoots at 4 different places and travelled from Auckland to Tauranga by car. The distance is like KL to Melaka via coastal road. Best thing about the drive is the view...

There are many more beautiful pictures in my camera, which I will share when I get back home.

Speaking of home, here's an update on my boy, Raees. The first night without me wasn't easy. He woke up hungry and it took a while to warm up the thawed milk from the fridge. I guess he was so used to getting his fresh milk fast, he got really upset.

Things were better on the second night, but not the third night though. Hope tonight will be much better. Hang in there my dear :(

So many days left, so many places to go and so many things to see! Uh, so much work to do too. Til next time...

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Mrs Faizal said...

be strong irin! :D

mama said...

All the best irin! Just pump as frequent as u can regardless the EBM amount or time u spend for each session. Ur milk might drop towards the end of the trip but not to worry as it should come back to normal either 1-2 weeks after direct feeding with Raees :)

Enjoy ur trip!!

tinie said...

alalala sian Raees..yer la biasa malam..kejap je bekalan susu sampai ke mulut lmbt le plak..xpe insyaAllah nanti ok la tuh..mommy pon jgn isau2..slamat wat keja baik2..

dbalkis said...

keep it up girl...

For Raess, try to videocall or skype with too prefer avent manual on the go..tak bising..


nanti share lah with u manage ur ebm overthere..
u plan to bring back all ur ebm ke?
bnyk story I dgr diorang tak boleh bawak balik..ada kena tahan,ada yg tk proper simpn..bnyk lagi lah..
so hopefully,everything went smoothly..enjoy ur trip!

Aleeya's Touch said...

u should go to Polynesian hot spring spa ! indulge ur self and get the glow from it!

and go try the Road side kebab at Mt Albert on new north rd! its the best kebab in NZ i reckon!

go to DRESS MART at Onehunga...(pretty cheap stuff there!)

go to queensland! nice view babe!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Mrs Faizal: thank u!

Mama: yeah I try to pump every 3 hours. Alhamdulillah milk is still at an ok amount. Dptlah full bottle avent kecik tu most of the time.

Tinie: kesian raees. Rupanya first 2-3 malam tu teruk juga. Dia protest tak nak minum. Sanggup tahan tak nak minum from 12am-12pm. Alhamdulillah dia dah learn to accept the bottle and not so fresh milk.

Dbalkis: I tak bawak laptop :(

mommy Nadia: I buang all the milk I pump. It's just too difficult and tedious to keep it. Because I move around a lot and stay at 4 different hotels throughout my trip. Luggage besar gabak. Shooting pulak nonstop. Tak nak tambah pening kepala utk risau pasal storage susu. worry about bila nak pump tu cukuplah.

Aleeya: i pergi ni ikut sponsor. They have arrange a whole lot of exciting activities for me and the rest of the media tour group. They really make sure we get the best of NZ. The Polynesian spa is in the itinery though :)

sarah kalam said...

wow ur ebm...super impres!!