Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Auntie Syu Syu

I recently met Auntie Syu Syu, a friend of mommy and daddy's. The first time we met was at the hospital when I made my debut and the last time we met was during my aqiqah. That time we didn't have the chance to miggle that much. So last weekend I finally met her again and we instantly clicked!

I don't know why my hands were drawn to her. The first thing I did was grab her face/hair (whichever I can get first). I'm not usually like this with people I'm not familiar with. But with her...

You see, Auntie Syu Syu is the person who got mommy and daddy together or what mommy calls 'cupid'. Hmmm..I thought cupids are naked flying boys with a bow and arrow? Hehehe..

Maybe that's why I like her. She's the person who is somewhat responsible for my very existance on this planet! :D

Thank you Auntie Syu Syu!


nur_aisyah81 said...

~ alolooooo...
baby raees comeyyyy daa.... skrg..
makin chubby... hehhehhe
tahniah irin..dah g injection lum???hehehe

Azlin Anuar said...

now my head is imagining aunty syu syu transformed into naked flying boys with a bow and arrow....ahhahahah

IRIN PUTRI said...

nur aisyah: injection masa 6months dah buat dah. 8months nanti nak inject optional punya pulak.

lin: hahahahaha..don't imagine too hard!

Azlin Anuar said...

u lah putting ideas in my head... am going to meet her later at ttdi. tengok dia nnt sure i teringat balik... hahahha