Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Weekend @ Bkt Jalil

Hi Bukit Jalil...we meet again for Karnival Jom Heboh.

This time around I'm stationed at Studio 3 - a combination of Majalah 3, WHI, Nona and Aduan Rakyat.

Sadly I was on Majalah 3 assignment when the photoshoot took place for the backdrop. Although they submitted an older picture of myself, the designers missed it out. Hence, no me in the main poster :(

On the other side of the booth is Majalah 3. This time around we brought along Marine Park.

The 4 programmes take turns to organise activities on the mainstage that is situated in the middle of the booth. Just look at the crowd!

When we work, we work.

When we take a break, we fool around :D

When it's time to pump, good thing there's a room backstage.

And sadly, I have to throw away the milk coz, face it, I was all sweaty and the weather was hot. Not the ideal situation to keep the milk.

How I wish I'm at home right now. Uh, back to work!

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mama said...

Hi Irin,

Since you're always on site, I suggest you get a cooler bag or a cooler box (like coleman, smallest one maybe) and some ice packs (techni ice is good). This can keep the EBM cold n fresh for 10-12hours :)

azura said...

salam irin.. sayang nya irin buang susu tu... lain kali, kalau irin pegi mana2 yang takde peti ais, irin bawak cooler beg dan masukkan brite ice/techni-ice yg da di sejukkan di peti semalaman.. InsyaAllah, susu akan still sejuk dlm cooler bag tu up to 8 hours.. Lagi senang, irin beli cooler bag yg jenama 'fridge to go'(mcm ala2 peti ais boleh bawa kesana sini).. ni lagi bagus.. lagi tahan lama.. Cubala.. syg susu tu nak buang gitu2 je.. just my 2cent.. :)

Suliana said...

betul2 tu irin..standby je coller box or cooler bag tu..


cooler bag a.k.a walking fridge..:)

IRIN PUTRI said...

I'm just not confident to give raees milk that was expressed there coz I was bathing in sweat n afraid traces of sweat will somehow get in the milk.

I have a cooler bag n icepacks but again, not confident that it will keep the milk in it's best form in the very hot weather. Furthermore, I was there from 10am-9.30pm.

I'm forced to pump and throw when I'm outstation too. As long as there's stimulation to keep the milk supply going..I'm happy.

Anyways thanks for the advice girls :)