Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Seperation Anxiety

I thought returning to work was difficult...but I got used to it.

I thought leaving Raees behind for a last-minute 6-days overseas assignment was difficult...well, it would've been if it wasn't canceled in the last minute.

I've been preparing for the inevitable. You know how I started Raees on solids early and looked for a one-night outstation assignment just to get a hang of things? Well, guess what...that particular assignment was postponed to another date that has yet to be determined.

So I now face the ULTIMATE outstation assignment, the one I've been slowly preparing for. Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be in Sabah for 6 days and the places I will be going don't promise cellphone coverage. Eeek!

I had a blast attending to Raees 24 hours a day during the 4-day CNY weekend. The thought of not being around him has been haunting me. How will he respond to my absence when he wakes up in the middle of the night and forced to drink from the bottle? Will he remember how to latch on to me when I get back?


Yours Truly said...

Don't worry...he will be ok. Have a good working trip ya!

Thara said...

hehe. this is funny. usually its the baby who will experience this separation anxiety, not the mummy. for ur case, its the other way round eh? :P

but im with yah. i cannot imagine if i were to be separated from aydein from more than 8 hours, let alone for 6 days! sighs. but be strong babe. this is ur sacrifice as a mother. many have done it, u can do it too! ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Yours truly: I sure hope so. Thanx :)

Thara: yeah I'm anxious to leave raees. To make myself feel better, I keep saying to myself,"at least I'm not a stewardess" :D

Anonymous said...

hv a nice trip too cant imagine if i hv to leave my dear baby - iz

mama said...

I left my baby for 2 weeks overseas trip when she was 5 months! Alhamdullillah, she didn't have any latching problem after 2 weeks. I was also worried whether will she still remembers me but I was greeted with a big smile at the door step when I came back :) Don't worry Irin, you'll do fine :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

2 weeks?! That's about half a month. Salute you lah..hehe.

Anyways what you just said made me a lot less worried to leave my boy. Thanks for the reassurance :)

RuZaNNa said...

Last time when i left my baby for 1 week Europe business trip, i left him with my night t-shirt that i have worn.. so at night, my mom will put the t-shirt near him or cover him with that.. so he could smell, as if i'm around him.. and it worked!
He didn't have much problem within that 1 week and when i got back he did recognize me.. cuma he was so shy shy initially..lepas tu baru warm up and terus bfeed :)
Don't worry irin, i'm 100% sure Raees will never forget you and will look forward to latch on you once you get back!

IRIN PUTRI said...

hey thanx for the tip. i shall try that too :)