Sunday, February 07, 2010

Makan Time!

Recently I received this from a Health Ministry person who was one of the guests for WHI.

It's very useful especially for me as I prepare Raees for solid food. I know it's best to wait til Raees is 6 months before introducing solids. However, I also know that it's considered OK to introduce it slightly earlier.

You see, I've started going out on assignments for Majalah 3.

At the moment I concentrate on Klang Valley assignments. Like it or not, eventually I have to go outstation and leave Raees behind :( Being an exclusively-breastfed baby and very particular about the freshness of his milk, it's almost impossible to leave Raees for even one night.

Sooo..I checked with Raees' pead and got the green light to introduce solid food at 5 months, 1 week young - that's just a few days before my trip.

What trip you say?

Well to start things off, I planned for a 2 day 1 night outstation assignment this week. It's so that I can SLOWLY get use to the idea of being away from Raees, my mom and Mer can get use to the idea of taking care of Raees in my absence and Raees getting used to the idea of me not being around for a while.

Now, MY MOM is particular about buying bottled baby food. So home made food it was for my little boy. I read and I read...

What to give, when and how much...everything was described clearly in my little guide book.

Most importantly...

Thank God the expressed breastmilk stock is still full in the freezer.

Equipped with guidelines from the Health Ministry and new feeding set...'s Raees having his first ever solid food - blended porridge with chicken and tomato.

Mind the shaky visual. A first time mom feeding her baby for the first time while holding a camera on the other hand :D


Thara said...

awww. i'll bet it was such a great, first experience kan! i can still remember the first time we introduced solids to my baby boy aydein. i was more excited than him! :P

anyways. remember to give a 7-day gap (3 days, at least) before introducing new recipe to raees in case of any allergy. in the meantime, happy eating raees! ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hey I was so excited that I took leave from work just so that I can feed Raees his first solid :D

RuZaNNa said...

Wahh cptnya Raees dah on solid food.. when my son started his solids i gave only plain porridge for the months since his doc advise to just teach him to swallow.. other ingredients gradually on 7 months onwards..

And yes, so NO to food in the Jar as my son had a really bad allergy after eating a 3 spoons from it

Anyways, have fun eating Raees!

Suliana said...

wah..makan time raees..makin bam bam la raees lepas ni..hehe..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Raees cekap swallow. Sometimes tak sempat nak ready the next spoon dia dah bising2 nak lagi.

Here's a funny story. Hari tu kasi Raees try pisang sikit. Bila dia rasa, dia mcm shake his body sikit dengan muka pelik. It's as if dia rasa benda masam whereas the pisang was very nice and sweet.

But dia still nak the pisang. Bagi lagi, dia shake2 lagi. Should've recorded it. So cute!

IRIN PUTRI said...

suliana: i pun rasa gitu. skarang ni dia tido lama! susu pun still minum byk although dah start makan.

aNa SuZaNa said...

tgk video raees mkn tp ana lak yg ternganga2.. kekekke

m0mmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

just my 2 cents, i think u shuld start introducing one thing at a time, say if u wanna give porridge, then add just chicken, later on baru tomato so it will be easier to detect if he have any allergy reaction. if u introduce both at the same time nanti tak tau which is the cost.
they usually call this the 4 day rules in introducing solid food for babies

u can have a look at the link below

they have great receipi too =)

mummy anne said...

hi irin... suka i tgk raees makan,semangat! nway, i just want to enquire,where can i get the 'the guidelines 4 feeding infant book' sama mcm u punya? mesti banyak useful informations dlm tu kan? thanks n take care...

Anonymous said...

hi irin...just nk tnyer, where cn i get i get that book too..pls... ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Buku tu is not for sale actually. But don't worry coz all the info are available online. You can visit the website to get more useful guidelines: