Thursday, February 25, 2010

EBM 101

Since I appeared in Nona, I got quite a lot of questions regarding how I handle the expressed breast milk (EBM). Fret not, coz I'm gonna tell you all about it.

At work I usually manage to pump a full bottle of milk, that's about 12oz.

It's more than enough for Raees while I'm at work the next day. My mother would warm about 3oz per serving (I believe he could drink more but he doesn't really like the bottle).

Sometimes I also pump at night after I get back from work. I would get another 4-5 oz, which I will keep in the freezer for storage. Labelling really helps coz I'm able to keep track in case the EBM expires (after 3 months).

Because I don't pump on weekends, the frozen EBM are usually used on Mondays. I would bring down 2-3 packs from the freezer to the fridge on Sunday night to thaw the milk. Of course the frozen EBM are also used when I go for outstation assignments.

Many also asked about my diet to be able to produce a lot of milk. Honestly, I don't know what I did right coz I eat just about anything. I love snacks since who knows when. Chocolates, cookies, icecreams...those are the kinna food I couldn't live without. Can't do work without munching something. I even have a cookie in my other hand right now ;)

However, I was told that by drinking a lot of water, specifically milk, might help. I'm not a big fan of plain milk so I have it a form that I love chocolate! I have it every morning and evening, just like how people have tea/coffee on a daily basis.

So that's about it. That's how I make sure my baby boy has more than enough breastmilk :)


tinie said...

thanks a lot 4 sharing..mmg tunggu je..erkk hv to try jugak lah ekk.. haha hot chocolate.. but worry lorr kalo selalu xnek ke berat i yg dh sedia naik nih..huhu..*sangat kagum ngan irin yg slim xmcm mak orang..huhu

amie said...

klau kt bf mmg berat mudah turun.. n mommies bleh back to zaman anak dara..

oopss sori irin.. m'celah je..

Anonymous said...

irin..u dpt pump 12 oz tu sekali pump (1 session) atau dah kumpul2 untuk 1 hari?

IRIN PUTRI said...

tinie: alhamdulillah berat saya turun banyak n back to berat dulu2 dah. Cubalah hot choc atau susu plain ;)

anonymous: 12 oz tu dpt from 1 session.

Suzie said...

i'm impressed! :-) one day if i've a baby i'll make sure to bf my baby the way working mommy did!working shouldn't be a reason to do so..hehe..


hi again Irin,
I'm a mommy of 16months old boy..Alhamdulillah still fully bfeed..
I used to hv the same stocks as u are during my lil boy 6months old,and during that time I managed to get 22oz perday at work..
time passing by,my stock start to deplete..
currently everyday I pumped for the next day serving only..
so regret I'm so lazy to pump more n more milk during my confinement..
so dear,make more as u can..specially for boy,the demand is higher..
just to share my experience..
and u are right,as long we didnt skip our meal..the more milk we can produced..
good luck to u Irin..May Allah blessed us to serve our lil precious for more than 2 yrs..InsyaAllah..

IpohMaliTatakSombong said...

Wow,sgt2 kagum dgn u!!I pun fully BF mother,tp setakat ni x pernah dpt 12 oz/session.sgt2 jealous dgn u!!hehehee.Anyway,selamat berjuang.Support bf!!!u go gurl!!(mmg u mcm girl lagi,x nampak mcm mak budak pun!!)Sgt2 comel!!

Ernie Muneerah said...

wow, 12 oz using manual pump is it? i use electric pump but dont get as much as u.maybe should try the hot chocolate:)

izzahazfar said...

ada tengok nona psal u...good jugak terutamaa utk ibu2 yg BF dan bekerja...

nape tak guna pump elektrik..?lebih mudah dan cepat rasa nyer..

apepun well done!

- Suraya - said...

tahniah irin...saya pun BF juga tapi tak derlah banyak macam u....cuma 1 session dapat 8 oz ajer...tapi betul awak kata kalau minum hot choc memang banyak dapat susu....

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suzie: thank you. I try my best for my boy :)

mommy nadia: wow that's a lot! 22 oz.. I wonder how many times you pump in a day?

Ipohmali: thank you :)

ernie: usualy kat office dpt 12 oz. Bila outside tak slalu dpt that much. Tak tau kenapa.

Izzahafzar: manual sbb mudah bawak mana2 tak payah cari plug point. Port kat office tu pun takde plug.

Suraya: terima kasih. Dah try hot choc ye? :)

CHeeSYaNa said...

Hi, Irin.. Hot Choc, yerk? Nak try ler.. as my milk sekarang just nice for next day feeding.. takde extra for stock.. :(

- Suraya - said...

irin...suraya dah try...memang bagus sekali....alhamdulillah...

Anonymous said...

irin.. can u share with us mcm mana teknik u pump (in details pls).coz i pum guna pump sama mcm u.tapi setiap kali just 3-5 oz jer. brape minit u pump?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Cheesyana: saya pun selalunya pump ngam2 utk next day n adakala je ada extra utk stok. Tapi hari jumaatnyer boleh simpan jadi 2-4 serving coz weekend kan tak perlu ebm.

Suraya: alhamdulillah :) hari tu hot choc kat rumah saya habis, lebih kurang seminggu jugak tak minum. Saya perasan ada kurang sikit susu.

Anonymous: in detail? Hmm I try ye. On average I take 20mins to pump. Bila susu keluar laju, I tekan pump tu tak lepas2 sampai flow tu stop sendiri. Pastu repeat. Kurang sikit lenguh tangan gitu.

Bila makin kurang, tekan2 urut2 sikit sini sana keliling tu utk encourage susu keluar lagi. I try buat sampai breast betul2 empty atau botol penuh.

I letak target utk dpt at least 8 oz sekali pump. Selagi tak dpt tu I try lah kalau masa mengizinkan.

Masa mula2 start kerja dulu pun I selalu dpt dlm 4oz per session. Alhamdulillah sekarang susu makin byk. Hopefully maintain gitu lah :)