Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tentalizing Toes

It's pretty obvious that Raees has very fat-filled thighs. I couldn't resist pinching them everyday and occasionally I would bite :P I guess because of his fat thighs, he didn't even cry when he got his 5th-month jab. Good boy!

Turns out we were not the only ones who couldn't resist his thighs. Raees too! Since they're too far to reach, he settles with his toes. He would take out his nicely knitted booties and suck on them toes. So clever!

This is new favourite past time. Is that cute or what? :)


::9W2PHY:: \(^_')/ said...

soo cute.. orang tua2 cakap kalo baby hisap his own toes, maknanya Raees mahu adik...ntah btol ntah tidak...atau hanya dongeng semata..hihi

nyyzza said...

hehehe...rsnye raees nk adik lagi ni..selalunye org tua2 ckp camtu..

izfa said...

hi i pn fkr cmtu...happen 2 my sis..her 1st son suck his toes..n 2mnth after,my sis is prgnant..hehe..so raees is going 2b abang ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

huhuhu..ramainya kata petanda nak dpt adik. tu doa tu..

insyaAllah Raees dpt adik but no so soon kot :)

Thara said...

someone's gonna get a brother/sister soon! ngehehe :P