Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paris & Harry Meet Raees

If before this Leia dropped by my crib to meet me, this time I met her stepmom, Paris, while I was hanging out in the kitchen. I guess she's quite jealous of me for all the attention I've been receiving from everyone at home. She didn't even look me in the eye!

As if adding salt to injury, I gave her a reason to be more jealous by showing her how cute I am by pouting my lips at her.

All she said was "meow...meow..." and walked away.

My next encounter with our house pet was with Harry. The maid noticed he wasn't being himself and didn't seem well. So we brought Harry to the vet. Well, not exactly a vet. The doctor is a friend so we get to bring the cats to his home instead of the clinic. Cool, eh?

The initial plan was just to bring Harry while I stay home. However the doctor requested that I come over too. So we went in 2 seperate cars. Mommy and daddy were concern about me being in the same car as Harry.

The nice doctor then gave me a gift that only a vetenarian would give...

Fanny the Flea!

The cool thing about it is when you turn it inside out, Fanny Flea becomes Tammy Tapeworm!

Thank you Dr! I like!


Suliana said...

semangat nye raees..dapat rasa betapa semangatnye kalau dukung raees..hihi

rara said...

hehe comel je Paris. muka dia mmg jealous betul lah dgn Raees..

Yours Truly said...

hey...that's a cool gift...lucky you raees!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suliana: mmg I tak boleh dukung dia lama2 dah. Tak larat!

Rara: paris control macho :P

yours truly: it's so cool even I couldn't help switching back and forth between fanny flea and Tammy tapeworm a few times :D