Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Geram Boy Paging For His Mama

Raees has been adding more vocabulary over the past week. The best thing is he has started saying 'mama'!! Yay!

Well it sounds more like 'mamamamamama' but it doesn't matter. I'll reply by calling him 'raeesraeesraees' :P It may take time for him to say 'mommy' so I settle with 'mama' for the time being.

Here's Raees saying 'mama' over and over while feeling quite geram.


ijad said...

cantik blog...

Thara said...

ok, this is extremely cute! hehe geram tengok raees mutters in his own language :D sgt chomels ok! :D

ps : i must be deaf (or dumb) becoz i cant make out where the "mama" bit! :(

Suliana said...

aqil pun dah pandai panggil ibu:-) tapi dulu pun dia sebut mamamama..huhu..congrat's raees..

Iza said...

How nice..geramnya tgk Raes

IRIN PUTRI said...

Ijad: Thanx :)

Thara: Try playing the video again :D

Suliana: Bagi pihak Raees - thank you!

Iza: So geram kan? hehe..