Monday, January 25, 2010

First Time At A Party

Raees, Mer and me attended a birthday party over the weekend. We reached quite late and missed the cake cutting part. As we got there, quite a number of relatives came to greet Raees and wanted to carry him. I don't know if it's because he was sleepy (he was asleep in the car) or because he missed seeing the cake being cut and candle being blown...he cried when Mer's cousin carried him!

It seemed so weird to see Raees so sad coz he's usually very sporting with anyone. He stopped crying as he was passed back to me. With tears still in his eyes, he can still pose for the camera :P

After a while, Raees warmed up and he was his happy self again.

His Tok Ma showed him the birthday cake, or rather birthday jelly. Raees couldn't get his eyes off it. He seemed facinated to see Minnie Mouse's head wriggle about as he stomped his feet on the table. Hehe..

Now...something happened that day that got me thinking. As I was playing with Raees while he was carried by his Tok Ma, someone asked her, "Anak siapa ni?"


I helped my mother-in-law answer by pointing to my nose :P

Honestly, I was quite offended. But should I be? If we look at the bright side, maybe I don't look like a mother in her eyes coz I look young/slim? Haha..that's a feel good statement :D

But seriously, would you be offended or not?


mohamad 'may' yawmon said...

hye! comel gle ur baby, raees! geram sangat tengok pipi ngan hidung dia! mungkin dia sedih sebab lepas moment potong kek tu! dia pun nak sama2 sing the birthday song!

RuZaNNa said...

I wouldn't be offended if the person have never or have not met me for a while, to ask that question..
But what got me really offended was when a cousin of my husband said this straight to my face "anak hang ni ikut muka sapa? muka hang takde langsung".. hohoho.. sungguh membara ok when she said that..
I think my son felt the same way too that he would cry whenever the woman got near him.. heheh

Thara said...

irin babe, i think its quite normal for people to come up with the question. u know, just to confirm. nanti silap baby kang susah pulak! :P but dont worry lah. raees still looks a lot like u lah okeh. especially at the lips! trademark mummy's boy tu. :P

but to answer ur question, no, i wouldnt be offended. like i said, its quite natural for someone to ask that especially if the question comes from a total stranger :) so chill hot mummy! ;)

amie said...

i pn tak terasa.. coz mmg dari alisha lahir muka dia is muka dia.. xde ikut mama or ayah.. muka sndiri.. tp klau org sound direct mmg terasa ar.. cth: anak sapa ni.. xde muka musa xde muka amie.. dlm ati nak ckp je. " abih ko ingat anak org t'tukar kat spital ke?"