Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Geram Boy Paging For His Mama

Raees has been adding more vocabulary over the past week. The best thing is he has started saying 'mama'!! Yay!

Well it sounds more like 'mamamamamama' but it doesn't matter. I'll reply by calling him 'raeesraeesraees' :P It may take time for him to say 'mommy' so I settle with 'mama' for the time being.

Here's Raees saying 'mama' over and over while feeling quite geram.

Monday, January 25, 2010

First Time At A Party

Raees, Mer and me attended a birthday party over the weekend. We reached quite late and missed the cake cutting part. As we got there, quite a number of relatives came to greet Raees and wanted to carry him. I don't know if it's because he was sleepy (he was asleep in the car) or because he missed seeing the cake being cut and candle being blown...he cried when Mer's cousin carried him!

It seemed so weird to see Raees so sad coz he's usually very sporting with anyone. He stopped crying as he was passed back to me. With tears still in his eyes, he can still pose for the camera :P

After a while, Raees warmed up and he was his happy self again.

His Tok Ma showed him the birthday cake, or rather birthday jelly. Raees couldn't get his eyes off it. He seemed facinated to see Minnie Mouse's head wriggle about as he stomped his feet on the table. Hehe..

Now...something happened that day that got me thinking. As I was playing with Raees while he was carried by his Tok Ma, someone asked her, "Anak siapa ni?"


I helped my mother-in-law answer by pointing to my nose :P

Honestly, I was quite offended. But should I be? If we look at the bright side, maybe I don't look like a mother in her eyes coz I look young/slim? Haha..that's a feel good statement :D

But seriously, would you be offended or not?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Peep To The Future



That's Mer with his nephew. Don't they look similar?? :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stroller The Saviour

From the first time we put him in the stroller, Raees seemed so comfortable. Thank God for that! Now that he has grown so much, we could bring him everywhere with the trusted stroller in tow, be it weddings...

...or shopping.

The stroller not only served us when we go out, but it's also heavily utilized at home. Each time we return home, its wheels are wiped before it's brought in to the house.

Since Raees is not ready for high chairs just yet, he would hang out in his stroller while we have tea in the kitchen. He also loves if we push him really fast around the house, of course he's strapped on.

Now we found another very useful feature to the stroller. With the lights dim, the seat reclined all the way down, classical music on the background to set the mood (or sing a lullaby), look him in the eye lovingly and push the stroller back and forth for a few minutes...

...and Raees will doze off!

It's usually the last resort, if all else fails to get him to sleep.

Although there are times when Raees would force himself to stay awake and protest, eventually he would give in to the nice swinging motion and zzz...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tentalizing Toes

It's pretty obvious that Raees has very fat-filled thighs. I couldn't resist pinching them everyday and occasionally I would bite :P I guess because of his fat thighs, he didn't even cry when he got his 5th-month jab. Good boy!

Turns out we were not the only ones who couldn't resist his thighs. Raees too! Since they're too far to reach, he settles with his toes. He would take out his nicely knitted booties and suck on them toes. So clever!

This is new favourite past time. Is that cute or what? :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raees On Webcam - The Sequel

It's so much fun seeing Raees grow! There was a time when we were on webcam, Mer could only see Raees staring and not doing much. All that when Raees was just a tiny 2-week young baby, while I was in confinement.

But now he's about 2.5x the weight...

...very chubby...

...not forgetting cheeky...

...and full of expression...

I know there's much more to come. I can't wait to see how Raees will amaze us next :) I'm SO loving parenthood right now :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Put Your Legs In The Airrr...Wave Around Like You Just Don't Care!

Nowadays it is quite difficult for me to sleep soundly when Raees sleeps on the bed with me. He would push and shove and kick when he doesn't get his space.

So I would usually put him nicely in the crib with a pillow for him to rest his head. But I have a feeling he doesn't need the pillow that much anymore. I think I need to install a bumper in his crib instead. Here's why...

Eventually from vertical position becomes horizontal...

And when he's about to wake up, both his legs would be in the air!

Oh, helloo! Watcha lookin' at?

So funny this boy. Hehe!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paris & Harry Meet Raees

If before this Leia dropped by my crib to meet me, this time I met her stepmom, Paris, while I was hanging out in the kitchen. I guess she's quite jealous of me for all the attention I've been receiving from everyone at home. She didn't even look me in the eye!

As if adding salt to injury, I gave her a reason to be more jealous by showing her how cute I am by pouting my lips at her.

All she said was "meow...meow..." and walked away.

My next encounter with our house pet was with Harry. The maid noticed he wasn't being himself and didn't seem well. So we brought Harry to the vet. Well, not exactly a vet. The doctor is a friend so we get to bring the cats to his home instead of the clinic. Cool, eh?

The initial plan was just to bring Harry while I stay home. However the doctor requested that I come over too. So we went in 2 seperate cars. Mommy and daddy were concern about me being in the same car as Harry.

The nice doctor then gave me a gift that only a vetenarian would give...

Fanny the Flea!

The cool thing about it is when you turn it inside out, Fanny Flea becomes Tammy Tapeworm!

Thank you Dr! I like!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Met A Girl-Girrrl

I followed mommy and daddy to a wedding ceremony the other day. I was sleepy but couldn't fall asleep coz people were playing loud music. So I just hung out in my stroller while some of mommy's friends came over to say hi to me.

Then this girl-girl peeked into my stroller...

...and our eyes met. Sparks flew, alright! I was no longer sleepy too :D

Mommy got me out of the stroller to get a closer look at that gorgeous girl-girl. Apparently she's a few months older than me.

My, my, what beautiful eyes she has!

I gave her my most handsome smile and guess what? She smiled back! Weeee...

Monday, January 04, 2010


Baby's laughter is the most wonderful sound to a mother's ears. The look so pure and innocent, and the next thing you know he shows off the toothless smile followed by a laughter so infectious that it gets everyone else laughing too.

This is Raees' cure for your Monday blues at the start of a brand new year. He loves playing peng-peng with Mer. You know like P. Ramlee's hilarious movie, Labu Labi.

Laugh along people :)