Thursday, December 30, 2010

Raees Hearts Elmo

Sometimes when I greet Raees as he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he would say is, "Elmooo." I would say to myself, "This cannot be. Got to correct this."

Me: No, this is mommy. Say

Thanks to Mer, Raees is now hooked on that cute little red monster. Although that wasn't the intention at first. He initially wanted to introduce him to the fuzzy blue monster, Grover. But Raees got his attention more on Elmo.

So every day is Elmo day for my boy. We have a bunch of Sesame Street DVDs, but he has his favourites. Just look at his expressions...

Elmo surely helps keep him occupied when we parents have our hands full. Just strap him on the stroller with the DVD on and he's happy.

Also, it will definitely help with his vocabulary. He learnt 'Elmo' all by himself! But of course, we try to balance between TV time and play time.

Because of his fondness for that little monster, we got him a few Sesame Street books, toys and t-shirt. I'm plan to find a 'Tickle Me Elmo'. I remember they used to sell that many years ago. Is it still being sold now? I'm sure he'll love it and so will I! (this is the case of mak bapak yang lebih..hehe!)

The Ultimate Fun!

Sorry I took so long to update about my ultimate fun experience that I mentioned before. Don't worry, here it is.

The day started with lunch. As kids eat free, I had the chicken fillet and vege. One of my favourite meals from this particular restaurant.

For desert, there was only one thing I wanted...

No I wasn't just resting my head, I was feeding from the side. Anyway, I was full from our big lunch that I gave my tummy a lil pat.

With all the energy stored in me, I had to let it all go. So I was brought to this place...

It was a huge indoor playing place for kids with loads and loads of balls! The balls even came down like fountain everytime you press the red button!

It was amazing! I was shouting in delite everytime I hear the familiar sound of the fountain of balls coming to life. At the same time, I walked around the place collecting and banging balls together.

I even socialised with the kids there, although sometimes the girls seem a bit possessive of the balls they have in their baskets.

I was there for over an hour. Before leaving, mommy suggested that I go down the big slide. So daddy brought me up the 'hill' to reach the top of the slide.

It was quite high alright, but as long as I was sitting on my daddy I was game for it. In fact, I'm not sure if daddy was actually allowed to be on the slide in the first place :P But nobody said anything.

On your mark, get set...GO!!

Oh my, that's how I looked like when I went down the slide? Haha! So funny!!
It was thrilling alright! But a whole lotta fun, nevertheless. So I went on it twice. Would've gone for the third time but we were still not certain whether daddy was allowed on the slide. So better go before they chase us out :P

It was definitely the funnest place I've been so far! It really did use up my energy :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fashion Sense: Britney Spears & Me

I was reading a magazine as I was doing my hair when I came across this picture of Britney Spears and her son...

Which reminded me of my own son...

Spot something similar?

I never buy expensive designer clothes for Raees mainly because I don't do that myself and he will outgrow them in a blink of an eye. Plus, he wouldn't be able to appreciate it anyway. With cheeks like that, you don't have to splurge to look cute, right? ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still Cracked

You know what has been affecting my mood to blog right?

Financially, I'm not ready to fix it as there are other priorities. But don't worry, Raees will deliver the post as promised despite working with just half the screen.

Wait for it!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pump, Store & Board

After my 10-day trip to Syria, I struggled to stock up on expressed breast milk (EBM) due to my very low milk production after the trip (which I managed to recover within a week, Alhamdulillah).

After 2 months plus, I have about 3-days worth of EBM in my freezer. Some were used during my chicken pox quarantine period, when I didn't manage to pump enough for Raees. Mind you, that time he was also sick and didn't eat much. So he demanded a lot of milk.

Anyway, I was away for a 3-day assignment in Johor this week and decided that I can't pump and throw like I usually do. If not, I will come back to an empty EBM storage which means trouble for my next assignment (scheduled next week).

So I brought along an extra hand luggage, the icebox.

I scheduled my shoot in JB in a way that allowed me to go back to the hotel in the afternoon to pump since I brought along the auto pump.

I couldn't find the luxury of pumping every 3 hours. I only managed to do so in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Anyhoo, my colleague has a friend who works at the hotel so he helped arrange for my milk to be stored at coffee house freezer.

I checked out as early as 5.30am to catch my flight back home and my milk was conveniently brought down to the lobby for me that very morning.

I managed to get a dozen packets of EBM in about 48 hours. Each about 4oz on average.

Good thing there was no problem carrying the milk along as hand luggage on domestic flight. So now my the EBM is restored! And I'm one happy mama :D

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surprise Basket

I could just tweet about this but it's just too nice not to share in my blog. After hosting WHI today I finally went to my desk and found a very nice surprise gift.

This has to be one of the nicest gifts I've received from a client. It's a basket of Crabtree & Evelyn! The card that came with it is super cute too!

Thank you MasKargo for the wonderful new year gift. It made my day! :')

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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Big Bright Smile

Usually when I go to people's houses or meet unfamiliar faces, I cry my heart out when they attempt to carry me. Yeah, I'm at the peak of my stranger anxiety phase. But actually, I'm very generous with smiles! Some people say it's a trait that I got from mommy. Anyways, wanna know when I'm generous?

When I'm home, fed and bathed, I'm usually in my best mood and you'll see me smiling away!

I'm quite a chatterbox too. I'll be babytalking all the way until I don't get something I want in which I will get cranky.

You know when I smile the most though? When I'm out! Yeah, as I sit on the stroller I will just smile to anyone who passes by me. I greet the waiters a lot too. Mainly because I want something from the menu. Kids eat free, kan?

Even when I'm sleep deprived, going out just makes me totally happy. If we were at home, I would probably be one angry boy already. But not when I'm outside. I gotta control macho, you know :D

But once I get to walk, I can't stop. When I'm at a spacious place where I can walk aimlessly, or do a little run...I'm in heaven!

Little did I know, there was some other place my parents were gonna bring me that would be the ultimate play destination for me. Where? Well, wait for the next post from me ok? :)

Friday, December 10, 2010


Sorry for the hiatus people. I've been wanting to update but my laptop screen is broken.

Raees was playing with it - repeatedly opening and closing. We were afraid he might get his fingers stuck in between so Mer put his hand there. He went on playing and as our eyes were focused on the TV, Raees shut the laptop with all his might and *crack*

I switched on the laptop and few lines went across it while half the screen was plain white. I'm afraid to find out the cost to repair the screen. Like it or not, I have to get it done anyway $$$

Monday, November 29, 2010

Laughing BIG

I mentioned before that Raees has picked up quite a few new abilities after his fever. Well, here's another one that is bound to keep anyone smiling. This was when we were hanging out at the kitchen a couple of nights back and he decides to play peekaboo with us. Check out his BIG laugh too. Funny fella :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

An Evening At Sri Pentas

I visited mommy at work again! If before this all I could do was be carried around or just sit in the stroller...

Now that I can walk...boy, I was on the move!

As I explored mommy's office, I flashed a dashing smile to everyone I met although I didn't let them carry me or stop me from walking.

Mommy was patiently following me from behind as I inspected the place.

Then she got tired of walking (I wonder why my mommy pancit although I was still full of energy), she let me sit with her and play with the computer.

Oh, I love computers alright! But this one is bulkier than the ones I usually see. Nevertheless, I banged the keyboard and threw the mouse just for the fun of it.

As I got restless, we were on the move again. This time mommy brought me downstairs and checked out the 'aquarium' where the radio people work.

I don't know how many kilometers I walked within the 2 hours I was there. But I wasn't tired. Mommy says I can enter the Big Walk. Hehe! Oh well, I'm sure she's also looking forward for the day I can run.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

C Is For....Awww!

Since Raees recovered from the recent fever and tonsil infection, he has mastered many new abilities! First he talks...a lot! Besides the usual babble, he's like an echo repeating what we say. So we gotta watch our mouth when we speak around him. Among his favourite words...

Bye bye (very anthusiastically, in fact)
Dah (when he's done with milk)
Oh nooo! (i say that a lot especially when he throws/drops stuff. hence, terlekat)
Uh-ohh! (when he throws things on purpose)
Jatuh (he has learned to use the word above and this one together)


And one that cools the pregnant mother's tummy (sejuk perut ibu mengandung)...

Allah (when he watches zikir on TV or when people recite the doa)

He also makes animal sounds too. His favourite is when we say,"C is for...Cat" and he will automatically go "awwww" (male cat :P) In fact he would go meowing before we get to say 'cat'.

Besides that he loves to do the London Bridge...

Never a dull moment with my Raees around :)

Hair With A Mind Of Its Own

Raees wasn't born with thick hair. Even after a few months, his hair was still showing slight baldness. That's why I decided to let his hair grow as long as possible. I didn't even get his head shaved after aqiqah. I was even worried that too much was cut during the cukur jambul ceremony.

Months went by and his hair slowly showed progress. It has always been manageable...until it grew a lil too long! Raees' hair at the front and sides fall nicely, quite neat actually. But the back, OMG, has a mind of its own! They curl like nobody's business.

It also makes his head appear big(ger) as his hair curls outwards. Even when he scratched his head, his hair would get tangled between his fingers. As I play with his hair, I couldn't help doing this...

Now that's a little coconut tree on his head, unlike before.

Anyways, Mer and me decided that we will get his hair trimmed although we were not in a hurry. My mother on the other hand raised the idea a few times before coz she also couldn't stand looking at Raees' unruly hair. So one day I said, "OK lah, we'll give him a haircut."

The next day as I came back from work, waddaya know...

Me mama has got them long unruly curly locks trimmed!

Now Raees' hair is manageable again and no more tangles, although it doesn't feel as soft as before. Maybe coz that time there were some remnants of his newborn hair?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Deed Returned

When I was at Dubai International Airport for transit on the way back from Syria, my friends and I had Burger King breakfast. Just as we were seated, we noticed a mobile phone on the table behind ours. We were quite sure the owner was gonna come back to get it, so we passed it to the BK staff.

True enough, about 15 minutes later an Indian guy came searching high and low around the table. We told him that the phone was given to the restaurant staff. It was a happy ending indeed.

When I was younger, I read a book about passing on a good deed. You know, if you do something good to this person, then the other person does a good deed for someone else. Then that someone else also passes on the good deed over to another person. You get what I mean right? It goes on and on, until eventually the whole world lives happily ever after. The end.

But in today's world, what are the odds of that happening, kan?

OK, I know my intro is quite long, so I'll get on with my story.

About two weeks ago, my little family and met Thara's little family over Burger King dinner. It was fun seeing Raees and Aydein socialising with each other as the mothers share toddler related stuff and the fathers share work things.

Aydein was quite quiet that day, just pointing to what he wants and eating away. Raees on the other hand was quite noisy and was being cheeky at times.Then he went walking around the restaurant with buddy Aydein. When it was time to go back, I had my handbag and Mer carried Raees. We double checked our table to ensure we didn't leave behind anything.

It was close to midnight when Mer wanted to snap a picture of Raees and realised the camera was not in the room. He went to the car to look for it...not there.

We retraced our steps...rewind...

The mothers and toddlers were at a closed area in BK as the boys walked about.

The fathers came over with our stuff, ready to go back...

Mer snapped pictures of us as we said our goodbyes...

Then Mer put down the camera, carried Raees and we walked out of the restaurant before doing a double check at our table.

Oh he put down the camera, neither of us picked it up!

Mer was devastated knowing very well the chances of finding it was almost zero. On the other hand, I kept an optimistic mind and said,"have faith that someone found it and will return it to us."

The very next morning we went to the restaurant and as Mer expected, the camera was no where to be found. I left my number and asked them to call me once they find it.

They never called :(

One week later while I was in quarantine for chicken pox, I received this message on Facebook...


I called her instantly just to make sure. She works at BK and found the camera but didn't leave it at the restaurant because there's a possibility it might get lost. She didn't know how to return it to the owner until her mother noticed me from the pictures in the camera!

OMG! What are the odds of that happening??

The next day, Mer went over to BK and retrieved our precious camera from her.'s back it our hands! He also met the manager, told him we will write a letter to their company to acknowledge the staff and officially thank them.

The moral of the story is, always take care of your valuable items and always do good to others as one day others will do good to you. Notice how one good deed at BK in Dubai was returned with another good deed at BK in Malaysia? ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

So Near Yet So Far

That's me hiding under the covers in the guest room where I've been since 5 Nov. As of today, I'm still there thanks to the mild chicken pox. Mild as it may seem, it takes forever for the very few spots to dry!

As I mentioned before, Raees wasn't in the best of health just after I began quarantine. He had fever which I feared could develop into chicken pox. A visit to his doctor confirmed that his tonsils were the problem. He had trouble eating and drinking for about 2 days, most probably because of his tonsils. His fever was on and off...

He was clingy and cranky most of the time til my mom had to wear the sling in the house to carry him around to keep him quiet. All the while I could only listen to his cries and whines and hope so badly that he will stop and continue laughing like he always had.

My mother and Mer had a difficult time with Raees, especially with me forced into isolation. Alhamdulillah, the antibiotics he took worked and he was fever-free a few days later. Just a bit of cough and runny nose, which the doctor said will go off by itself.

Because he was well, the doctor also said he could finally get his chicken pox vaccination! As soon as he got back from the jab, I was confident enough to be close to him. Imagine, I had to avoid him for a week! When I finally had him in my arms and look at him properly, he was noticibly thinner. In fact, his weight went below the 11kg mark. It used to reach 11.5kg.

Even with the vaccination, I still haven't started breastfeeding directly as there is one spot pretty close to where the milk resides that is still not totally dry. I'm still sleeping in the guest room downstairs and I don't know when I will be able to go back to work or whether I get to spend Hari Raya Haji like everyone else.

But what matters now is, I get to be with my boy again :)