Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Wedding & A Very Familiar JomHeboh Set

I know I said I was sulking, but Raees couldn't help but share what went on last weekend!

Mommy wasn't home on Saturday. As usual, I'm not very happy when she's not around. And then, waddaya know...I saw mommy live on TV. No wonder lah! She was out inviting people to heboh at Bkt Jalil.

I couldn't help but feel like I've seen that set before. Hmm...dejavu?

Then Sunday came and I was all smiles again. Mommy and daddy brought me out! Not the usual going OUT out, but to my very first wedding reception :D

The bride was daddy's cousin, whom they call Kak Ina. I guess I should address her as Auntie Ina, right? Mommy said she's a doctor and interestingly, she's also married to a doctor, Dr. Bokhren. I guess my future second cousins will be very healthy kids!

I liked the new environment and the many interesting new faces I see. That's why I made mommy and daddy bring me around the venue in the stroller a few times. I didn't like it when they stopped moving.

Then it was time for the main event. Mommy AND daddy were suppose to be the MC. However when it was time for them to do their job - I got hungry. Daddy brought me to the preparation room where he tried to feed me using the bottle. Daddy told mommy, "you go ahead without me."

So mommy was left handling the ceremony by herself, while daddy attempted to feed me til I fell asleep. Daddy only went back in to the hall after the main event (merenjis) ended, with a big grin on his face. Turns out, daddy used me as an excuse to escape from being the MC. Ish ish ish...

When I woke up, mommy brought me back in the hall to socialise.

But after a while I got hungry again and was getting quite restless. I was suckling on anything that came close, like my fingers and mommy's shoulder.

Mommy brought me back to the preparation room and fed me there and then. Thanks to her matching scarf, no one got a free show :)

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