Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Unfortunate Little Ones

Raees dearest,

Mommy went to the hospital yesterday. Don't worry, sayang, mommy's not sick. I went visiting sick children, along with a few of my friends from work.

Mommy took the JomHeboh bus to the hospital

The hospital's called HUKM and it's really big! Mommy and friends couldn't visit the whole hospital so we went to the pediatric ward where all the sick children are placed.

At the playroom, mommy met a baby girl who is about 2 months older than you. She was there for severe diarrhea. You know, diarrhea, Raees? It's where you poop poop many times and it doesn't come out looking very 'normal'. When it gets out of control, the baby needs stay at the hospital and the doctor put water into the body via a drip.

Then mommy went to the ward. Over there mommy met more children including babies younger than you...

also teenagers...

After that mommy met a few children who has cancer.

Oh, Raees, it's the worse thing to get, even for a grown up. When mommy met those children having to go through chemotherapy and their hair falls off...I felt very sad for them. Their parents must be very strong to be able to go through this ordeal. I guess they must be strong for their children to go through the treatment and get back their health.

This girl in the green head scarf had to leave school for a year because of her sickness. However she was happy when we were there. She flashed her beautiful smile although a little bit shy. Eventually she got to talking. Mommy's glad that at least I get to brighten up her day.

The most devastating part of the visit was when mommy met a few babies that had no mommy and daddy. You see, Raees, these beautiful babies were found somewhere because their parents left them there :(

Mommy met a very small baby who looked premature. His arms and legs were slightly bigger than Cadbury Caremello chocolate pastiles. His wide-opened eyes were looking at people who came to visit him. Despite his health problems, he was very aware of his surroundings. He would reach out his hands to anyone who was next to him.

And when mommy put my hand out to him, he would softly grab mommy's finger. How could anyone have the heart to abandon this little baby boy? If possible mommy wanted to stay longer to accompany him. Mommy felt very, very sad :(

Mommy was very happy to be able to meet these children even for a while. It made me realise how lucky we are. I hope you'll always remember to be thankful, Raees. Thankful that you were born in an environment filled with love, happiness and most importantly, blessed with good health.




Ernie Khairina said...

someday Raees will read this blog and proud of u and himself =) thanks for sharing this entry

Thara said...

your entry brought tears to my eyes this time :( poor, poor babies..

twayblade said...

since dah jadi mommy myself, i cried easily if i see sick babies, abandoned babies and murdered babies. ultra sensitif skarang nih. poor babies they dont know anything or how to fend for themselves.

aiyaaa rasa mcm nak nangis dah nih.

Thara said...

irin, if im not mistaken, the last baby pic in ur entry is a baby girl right? named umaira with heart condition? very friendly, and is said to be a pan-asian?

IRIN PUTRI said...

I forgot her name but yeah she looks pan Asian. Very pretty! That time she wasn't in her best mood. I guess she wanted to play but only doctors n nurses r allowed to touch her coz she could easily get infections. So kesian..

Thara said...

yeah her name's umairah. such a sweetheart kan? she'll grow up to be a heartthrob too!

my elder sister is now doing her masters posting at the paeds in HUKM. she said umairah is now waiting for a heart surgery. sighs kesian :( lets pray for her success. :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Ah no wonder. Alahai...such a babe and yet abandoned, with heart problem pulak tu :(

glam.mama said...

every time i see or hear about abandoned babies, i wish i could take them in :( hopefully one day i will be able to. god bless you for caring enough to visit them...more people need to take the time to do it :)