Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uncle Took Raees' Picture In Diapers

Today some people came to my house and one of them brought along a weird-looking camera. Not the usual smaller kind that mommy uses to take my pictures/videos. I was so curious.

Then mommy took my clothes off and changed my diaper in front of everyone. All the while, that uncle took my picture. Mommy said not to worry coz he won't take picture of my bird-bird. Phew!

Weird thing was mommy didn't dress me up straight away. She played with me in my diapers and attempted to make me smile and laugh.

But I was still very curious of that weird-looking camera. I didn't let out a single sound and looked at that camera instead. Mommy got tired lifting me up and down. She thought she might have muscles on her arms soon. Well, I flashed a smile once in a while but I was still quiet...

When it was all done, the uncle kept his camera, mommy dressed me up again and then I thanked everyone by letting out a loud,"buuuu..."


marinahunny said...

assalamualaikum irin putri azmi,

sy suka nama awk since kenal awk as a reporter kat tv3, x sangka dh jd seorang mommy..ingt masih remaja..anyway sy akn cuba khatam blog ni dr awal utk baca kisah awk..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Waalaikumsalam marinahunny.
Selamat khatam blog saya. Almost 400 posts sejak 2004. Byk kisah2 saya...since baru habis belajar sampai lah sekarang ni :)