Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turquoise & White Party

Who gets to go partying for work? I do! In fact it was a party to introduce the new host for the programme Nona, Maya Karin.

The theme was turquoise and white. I didn't have anything to wear that went with the theme since I wasn't prepared for it. So I went next door (one utama) during lunch and grabbed the most decent looking turquoise attire I could find. Then my parents brought Raees over to my office for feeding and off I went to a hotel in KL where the party was held.

Our boss

I imagined the party to be in a hall. Little did I know it was actually in a club. Believe it or not it was the first time I step foot in a club! I was there with a few other personalities to lend our support.

Another boss in the picture

Awal was the host for the day

Loads of prizes were given away to guests that were mostly the media and celebrities. There was fashion show and performances by artists too. Oh, we had fun alright! Especially when we get to poco-poco. Haha!

Since some of us are mothers, we didn't stay too long. We were out of the club by 10.30pm. From what I know, that's when most people REACH clubs, right?

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