Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Screaming In The Salon

Over the long weekend, I took time off to do hair treatment. The last time I did it, it took an hour. So I thought Mer and Raees can hang around while waiting for me knowing that Raees will be able to last an hour without milk. Plus, he loves going out and exploring new environment.

As it turns out, the treatment this time included an extra step, so it took longer to finish. After the one hour mark, Mer called with screaming Raees in the background and nothing he did could calm him.

And I couldn't move from my seat...

Minutes later I heard his cry getting closer and soon filled the whole salon. Then I saw my stylist pushing the stroller while Mer was carrying the very upset boy.

Stylist: Baby menangis mau susu, is it?
Me: Yea.
Stylist: You want to go to the room? I give you the room lah.
Me: What about this? (pointing to the steamer)
Stylist: It's OK, it's OK.

So off we went to the private room...

After that he was all smiles again and I resumed the treatment. Once I was done, we continued our day out with my nicely blowdried hair :D

We even brought him to one of our favourite places to eat - Chili's! He got bored sitting in the stroller and wanted to be where the action was. So he sat with me the whole time. Look how mesmerized he was!

Oh, it was not over yet! We dropped by my mother in law's, who just returned from Hajj.

Phew! A full day and only one drama. Good boy, Raees...


Anonymous said...

love to see his reaction in the 2nd picture..penuh dengan perasaan ingin tahu.heee..btw,nice hair Mommy Yin! (;

Azlin Anuar said...

hehehehe... i have lots of clients macam tuh jugak... baby nak bf time mommy tengah buat rambut, baby nak tido tapi tanak tido ngan daddy, nak ngan mommy gak... so mommy kena lah dodoikan baby sambil duduk kat kerusi tu... macam2 ragam... heheheh