Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Not-So-Sleepy Boy (Part 2)

I've raised my concern about Raees' sleep pattern recently. And I'm still concern! Today he woke up around 8am. It's now 4.30pm and he has only napped for half an hour! That's after I carried and pat him for an hour.

So I'm OK with him not sleeping that much in the day if he sleeps longer at night. But now it's difficult to get him to sleep at night even! He will usually sleep after midnight, after feeding. I saw a glimmer of hope last night when he fell asleep at 9 pm. But he woke up less than an hour later.

I read that 4-month old babies should be able to sleep on his own when he's put in the crib awake. So far that has not happen with Raees. I let him stare at his musical mobile, hug his favourite caterpillar and tried not to carry him.

Yet he would be wide awake and will cry soon after. When he does that, Mer will be the first to go over to the crib, carry him and entertain him to get him laughing and smiling again *sigh* Mer finds it difficult to ignore the cries from such a handsome boy.

It's also difficult to get Raees to doze off when he's being carried/pat. It's as if he's forcing himself to stay awake when he's actually sleepy.

The only way that works now is via feeding. After midnight. On the bed. Laying down. Not only will it put Raees to sleep but me too.

As I'm writing this, Raees is playing with his musical toy on the bed. He's getting restless and is giving the first warning to be picked up. Oh no, it just got louder - enter second stage. Gotta run before he enters the third and final stage!


mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

non of my kids fall under those baby that can be left in the cot wide awake and fall asleep by themselves. i think tat's more of the western practice. and yes the only way to put uZAir to sleep is via bf while laying down. and yes he still wakes up 5 -6 times a day

IRIN PUTRI said...

how do u put the elder 2 to sleep then?

Cik Cookie said...

i agree mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE .
my sister pun buat mcmni.lama2 baby ok.

mahizan said...

Irin, it's normal for a baby to change their way of sleeping. My baby pun dulu mcm tu jgk tapi lama2 nnt dia akan OK.

Thara said...

hahaha irin, i SO can understand u ok. like i told u b4, my baby is just like raees! he'll sleep in my arms, looking astho he's fallen into a deep sleep, and the moment I put him down, his eyes automatically flew open!

and like raees, the only way to make him sleep is to breastfeed him while lying down. but even then, sometimes when i THOUGHT hes fallen asleep and pulled my uknowwhat out of his mouth, he will almost instantaneously get up, do his famous "ehek ehek ehek ehek" astho demanding for his "natural pacifier" to be in his mouth back again - and the whole process starts ALL over again.

there was a time when he fell asleep for about 3 hours straight. and when he got up, he cried and cried, astho he was angry at himself for succumbing to sleep!

and i thought im the only mum in this world facing this problem then! :P

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hehe..glad to know we are not alone! Quite a challenge nowadays to get Raees to sleep. Last night the feeding didn't work! in fact he was laughing away with us. Had to get up and carry around, pat pat pat...

Because he hardly slept the whole day, he was very tired and eventually slept jugak around 11ish.