Monday, December 21, 2009

Boys Chickening Out

I was at the clinic recently to seek treatment for my allergy. There were 3 boys ahead of me happily joking around, accompanied by an ustaz. From my observation it seemed like they were about to be circumcised. Hmm...a bit too cheerful if you ask me. Boy 1 went in confidently while the other two waited outside.

Then there it was....a loud cry which lasted about 10 seconds. The boys who were fooling around suddenly were in full alert and looked panic.

Boy 2: Eh..dia ok ke tu?
Boy 3: Tak tau..takut lah.

They were very concern of their friend and wanted to know what happened. They went a little bit closer to the door but that was as far as they dared to go.

A few minutes later Boy 1 emerged all calm and composed.

Boy 2: Sakit ke?
Boy 1: Sakit sekejap je. Dia buang benda hiltam tu. Injection masa sunat tu lagi sakit.

After putting two and two together, I now get the whole scenario. They were there to take out the circumcision clamp.

Boy 1's reassurance didn't help the other two boys though. They chickened out and started crying. It was Boy 2's turn to go in. The ustaz tried his best to persuade him.

"Lepas ni kita makan KFC."
"Tengok kawan awak tu dah siap dah. Boleh cepat baik."
"Awak nak pakai benda tu sampai bila-bila?"
"Semua kawan awak dah bukak, kalau awak sorang je pakai nanti kena ejek."

The nurses even tried their luck. They gave him some sweets and said if he takes it, there won't be any pain. It still didn't work.

Ustaz sitting on the right, the boys at the entrance/exit while two nurses persuading the boys

Last resort...

The nurses joined forces to carry the screaming, kicking boy into the clinic. The screaming continued for quite a while. This didn't make things any better for Boy 3 who was up next.

Meanwhile, MY boy (who was with my parents) was screaming in the car out of hunger. Knowing that my turn wouldn't be so soon, I excused myself and fed Raees.

I came back about 15 minutes later to hear screaming still going on. This time it came from Boy 3 who was in the clinic. A few minutes later he came out sobbing while holding out his pants.

After waiting for about an hour, finally it was my turn. It was quite an interesting wait...hehe!


Suliana said...

hehe..kelakar la..camana la anak kita nnti..hihi..mak nye yang ngeri..

Thara said...

hahaha. u mmg paparazzi betol! haha. ur entry this time is so hilarious! haihs. eh, but come to think of it. what do we tell OUR boys when their turn come nanti? alaa kesian! :P but hopefully they will brave through the process like brave little soldiers! :D

ps : how come ada circumcision clamp pulak eh? i dont remember my bros had any. wait, ade ke? tak ingat lah.

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suliana: hehe..itu pikir nanti2.

Thara: we would have to wait and see when the time comes :D btw, circumcisions nowadays ada a few techniques. besides tok mudim's traditional way, there's cut and stitch and pakai clamp. tak tau la kalau ada other options lagi.

Azween!! said...

nice one!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Thanks azween! :)

rara said...

hehehe.. kesian diorang... tapi kelakar!

glam.mama said...

haha..really funny entry, although kesian the boys! i bet the anxiety was more awful than the procedure itself.

i'm just glad my boys won't have to go through this!

IRIN PUTRI said...

rara: I kena tahan gelak masa kat situ. Hehe..

Glam.mama: u had your boys circumcised already, eh?