Thursday, December 31, 2009

Raees On TV Again!

I made my TV debut when I was a week old. That time I was a very tiny and hungry baby. That's why I cried my heart out throughout the whole shoot. Shy lah...

So I made a vow that the next time I get to go on TV, I will be at my best behavior and be as cute as possible. When I actually got my second chance, I didnt' waste it. Uncle cameraman came over my crib recently and I was ready to charm 1Malaysia (wah2!).

So aunties and uncles...this is it...

I heard this thing will be out again in Nona on 10 January. Yay!

Happy New Year 2010 from Raees, my mommy and my daddy. See you next year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Not-So-Sleepy Boy (Part 2)

I've raised my concern about Raees' sleep pattern recently. And I'm still concern! Today he woke up around 8am. It's now 4.30pm and he has only napped for half an hour! That's after I carried and pat him for an hour.

So I'm OK with him not sleeping that much in the day if he sleeps longer at night. But now it's difficult to get him to sleep at night even! He will usually sleep after midnight, after feeding. I saw a glimmer of hope last night when he fell asleep at 9 pm. But he woke up less than an hour later.

I read that 4-month old babies should be able to sleep on his own when he's put in the crib awake. So far that has not happen with Raees. I let him stare at his musical mobile, hug his favourite caterpillar and tried not to carry him.

Yet he would be wide awake and will cry soon after. When he does that, Mer will be the first to go over to the crib, carry him and entertain him to get him laughing and smiling again *sigh* Mer finds it difficult to ignore the cries from such a handsome boy.

It's also difficult to get Raees to doze off when he's being carried/pat. It's as if he's forcing himself to stay awake when he's actually sleepy.

The only way that works now is via feeding. After midnight. On the bed. Laying down. Not only will it put Raees to sleep but me too.

As I'm writing this, Raees is playing with his musical toy on the bed. He's getting restless and is giving the first warning to be picked up. Oh no, it just got louder - enter second stage. Gotta run before he enters the third and final stage!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Of Mommy's Friends

The other day Tok Mama and Tok Wan had something on and had to drop me off at mommy's office. This time I had more time to mingle with mommy's friends as compared to my previous visit.

The girl-girls there just went crazy over me. I was passed from one pretty girl-girl to another girl-girl. Oh, I liked it alright! Because they were so nice to me, I gave them my nicest, cutest, most handsome smiles!

Although I was smiling a lot, I was rather quiet that day. I guess was overwhelmed by the attention I was getting.

As much as the girl-girls tried to make me laugh or say something, only this uncle managed to make me giggle.

If only I can follow mommy to work everyday...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flippy Floppy

It began sometime early December when we were playing with Raees on the bed. He was laying on his back when he began turning his head sideways. His body followed almost 90 degrees while his head went about 125 degrees.

He kept on practicing and soon he managed to get his body to flip over. However this time his head didn't follow. He was determined alright! He practiced and practiced...

By the time he managed to get his whole body to flip over, he was tired.

Raees would lift his head briefly and then rest for a while.

After many days of practicing, he finally got it! Now he could flip over in a jiffy and lift his head up high with a proud smile on his face. I couldn't help but put on a proud smile on my face as well :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Screaming In The Salon

Over the long weekend, I took time off to do hair treatment. The last time I did it, it took an hour. So I thought Mer and Raees can hang around while waiting for me knowing that Raees will be able to last an hour without milk. Plus, he loves going out and exploring new environment.

As it turns out, the treatment this time included an extra step, so it took longer to finish. After the one hour mark, Mer called with screaming Raees in the background and nothing he did could calm him.

And I couldn't move from my seat...

Minutes later I heard his cry getting closer and soon filled the whole salon. Then I saw my stylist pushing the stroller while Mer was carrying the very upset boy.

Stylist: Baby menangis mau susu, is it?
Me: Yea.
Stylist: You want to go to the room? I give you the room lah.
Me: What about this? (pointing to the steamer)
Stylist: It's OK, it's OK.

So off we went to the private room...

After that he was all smiles again and I resumed the treatment. Once I was done, we continued our day out with my nicely blowdried hair :D

We even brought him to one of our favourite places to eat - Chili's! He got bored sitting in the stroller and wanted to be where the action was. So he sat with me the whole time. Look how mesmerized he was!

Oh, it was not over yet! We dropped by my mother in law's, who just returned from Hajj.

Phew! A full day and only one drama. Good boy, Raees...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Boys Chickening Out

I was at the clinic recently to seek treatment for my allergy. There were 3 boys ahead of me happily joking around, accompanied by an ustaz. From my observation it seemed like they were about to be circumcised. Hmm...a bit too cheerful if you ask me. Boy 1 went in confidently while the other two waited outside.

Then there it was....a loud cry which lasted about 10 seconds. The boys who were fooling around suddenly were in full alert and looked panic.

Boy 2: Eh..dia ok ke tu?
Boy 3: Tak tau..takut lah.

They were very concern of their friend and wanted to know what happened. They went a little bit closer to the door but that was as far as they dared to go.

A few minutes later Boy 1 emerged all calm and composed.

Boy 2: Sakit ke?
Boy 1: Sakit sekejap je. Dia buang benda hiltam tu. Injection masa sunat tu lagi sakit.

After putting two and two together, I now get the whole scenario. They were there to take out the circumcision clamp.

Boy 1's reassurance didn't help the other two boys though. They chickened out and started crying. It was Boy 2's turn to go in. The ustaz tried his best to persuade him.

"Lepas ni kita makan KFC."
"Tengok kawan awak tu dah siap dah. Boleh cepat baik."
"Awak nak pakai benda tu sampai bila-bila?"
"Semua kawan awak dah bukak, kalau awak sorang je pakai nanti kena ejek."

The nurses even tried their luck. They gave him some sweets and said if he takes it, there won't be any pain. It still didn't work.

Ustaz sitting on the right, the boys at the entrance/exit while two nurses persuading the boys

Last resort...

The nurses joined forces to carry the screaming, kicking boy into the clinic. The screaming continued for quite a while. This didn't make things any better for Boy 3 who was up next.

Meanwhile, MY boy (who was with my parents) was screaming in the car out of hunger. Knowing that my turn wouldn't be so soon, I excused myself and fed Raees.

I came back about 15 minutes later to hear screaming still going on. This time it came from Boy 3 who was in the clinic. A few minutes later he came out sobbing while holding out his pants.

After waiting for about an hour, finally it was my turn. It was quite an interesting wait...hehe!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turquoise & White Party

Who gets to go partying for work? I do! In fact it was a party to introduce the new host for the programme Nona, Maya Karin.

The theme was turquoise and white. I didn't have anything to wear that went with the theme since I wasn't prepared for it. So I went next door (one utama) during lunch and grabbed the most decent looking turquoise attire I could find. Then my parents brought Raees over to my office for feeding and off I went to a hotel in KL where the party was held.

Our boss

I imagined the party to be in a hall. Little did I know it was actually in a club. Believe it or not it was the first time I step foot in a club! I was there with a few other personalities to lend our support.

Another boss in the picture

Awal was the host for the day

Loads of prizes were given away to guests that were mostly the media and celebrities. There was fashion show and performances by artists too. Oh, we had fun alright! Especially when we get to poco-poco. Haha!

Since some of us are mothers, we didn't stay too long. We were out of the club by 10.30pm. From what I know, that's when most people REACH clubs, right?

Raees @ Mommy's Office

Yay! I finally get to see where mommy works! At first I had my nice t-shirt and pants on but then it started raining cats and dogs. Tok Mama changed me to my PJs to keep me warm. Luckily I still looked cute in my dinosaur PJs! :D

I wonder why mommy's chair is covered in plastic?

Mommy was in a hurry to attend a function that evening that she found out in the last minute. Because of the unexpected delay to return home, there wasn't enough milk left for me (not that I liked drinking from the cup anyway). Not wanting to wait til late night to get fresh milk, I went looking for mommy at Sri Pentas. So mommy fed me at her office for the first time!

While I was there I met some of mommy's friends. Mommy couldn't move for half a minute without someone stopping to meet me. Some of them noticed me from Facebook too.

Guess which pretty host said hello to me :)

I wanted to stay longer and hang around with them but mommy was running late. Hmm...I bet I'll be going there again soon for another round of fresh milk ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Uncle Took Raees' Picture In Diapers

Today some people came to my house and one of them brought along a weird-looking camera. Not the usual smaller kind that mommy uses to take my pictures/videos. I was so curious.

Then mommy took my clothes off and changed my diaper in front of everyone. All the while, that uncle took my picture. Mommy said not to worry coz he won't take picture of my bird-bird. Phew!

Weird thing was mommy didn't dress me up straight away. She played with me in my diapers and attempted to make me smile and laugh.

But I was still very curious of that weird-looking camera. I didn't let out a single sound and looked at that camera instead. Mommy got tired lifting me up and down. She thought she might have muscles on her arms soon. Well, I flashed a smile once in a while but I was still quiet...

When it was all done, the uncle kept his camera, mommy dressed me up again and then I thanked everyone by letting out a loud,"buuuu..."

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Should We Call The Fire Brigade?

I was about to carry Raees out of the room this morning and then this happened...

Uh, oh...we couldn't get out! The only other way out was through the window so that idea was scrapped. We needed a screwdriver, which was in the cabinet right in front of that door. My mom attempted to slide it under the door...but it wouldn't fit. So near yet so far.

I thought,"What would McGyver do?"

Mer said,"Tie 5 of my kain pelekat together, put a basket at the end, drop it through the window and get someone to put the screwdriver in."

I didn't think that's what McGyver would do. Sounds too complicated. My mom had a much simpler idea and slide this under our door...

Let these pictures tell the rest of the story...

I love the look on Raees' face. He's always generous with his smile in the morning :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A Wedding & A Very Familiar JomHeboh Set

I know I said I was sulking, but Raees couldn't help but share what went on last weekend!

Mommy wasn't home on Saturday. As usual, I'm not very happy when she's not around. And then, waddaya know...I saw mommy live on TV. No wonder lah! She was out inviting people to heboh at Bkt Jalil.

I couldn't help but feel like I've seen that set before. Hmm...dejavu?

Then Sunday came and I was all smiles again. Mommy and daddy brought me out! Not the usual going OUT out, but to my very first wedding reception :D

The bride was daddy's cousin, whom they call Kak Ina. I guess I should address her as Auntie Ina, right? Mommy said she's a doctor and interestingly, she's also married to a doctor, Dr. Bokhren. I guess my future second cousins will be very healthy kids!

I liked the new environment and the many interesting new faces I see. That's why I made mommy and daddy bring me around the venue in the stroller a few times. I didn't like it when they stopped moving.

Then it was time for the main event. Mommy AND daddy were suppose to be the MC. However when it was time for them to do their job - I got hungry. Daddy brought me to the preparation room where he tried to feed me using the bottle. Daddy told mommy, "you go ahead without me."

So mommy was left handling the ceremony by herself, while daddy attempted to feed me til I fell asleep. Daddy only went back in to the hall after the main event (merenjis) ended, with a big grin on his face. Turns out, daddy used me as an excuse to escape from being the MC. Ish ish ish...

When I woke up, mommy brought me back in the hall to socialise.

But after a while I got hungry again and was getting quite restless. I was suckling on anything that came close, like my fingers and mommy's shoulder.

Mommy brought me back to the preparation room and fed me there and then. Thanks to her matching scarf, no one got a free show :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cabaran Mommy

Hi, it's Raees. It has been a while since I voiced out in this blog kan? Actually I've been sulking since mommy went back to work.

Anyways, I was looking at colourful pictures in the newspaper today and I saw a very familiar face. It's my mommy!! *squeeeeaaal*

OK, enough for now. I'm still sulking :P