Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekday Wails & Weekend Squeals

My dear Raees,

I'm sorry I had to start work already. I know you don't like it when I'm not around to feed you. But mommy saved so much milk for you to make sure that you'll never be left starving.

Tok Mama has been feeding you with the bottle for about 2 weeks now. And have you been giving her a hard time! You REALLY don't like the bottle, eh? But if you don't drink from the bottle then you'll get hungry, sayang. Then how?

Well, at least you give in to the bottle eventually (when you're really2 hungry I suppose). By the time mommy gets back from work, you only get half your usual feeding while I was away. How are you gonna grow big, strong and more handsome if you don't drink enough, Raees?

It breaks mommy's heart to hear you cry on the phone. I feel like dropping everything I was doing and come running home to you. Kesian Tok Mama and kesian Raees too. How long do you think it will be til you're able to totally accept the bottle + expressed breast milk?

Apparently the milk supply has doubled in the past week. Good for you, eh, Raees? But if you don't drink as much then rugilah. So much milk went down the drain lately.

Mommy's happy to see your beautiful smile which you've been very generous with, especially on weekends. I love your squeals and laughter that simply lightens up the whole house. What do you say if you keep that up even on weekdays? No more refusing to drink, no more heart-breaking cries and no more tears. Deal?



Yanmie said...

salam irin,

alololo...comeinya dia...semangat je bdn nie.

twayblade said...

have u considered changing the feeding bottle to another brand? maybe he doesnt like the current one u are using. just a thought hehe.

ZihNuN FaTiN said...

soooo cute baby die..nk cubit skit boleh?(^_+)

m0mmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

irin, have u tried different type of bottles. i tried few bottles and at last uZAir settled with the tommy tippie. stated on the box "closest to nature" hihih..but yah the teats shape is almost like b**by...hihi

Suliana said...

memang susah hati kalau anak xmau minum susu..anak i skrg ni pun tgh reverse cycle xmo minum susu siang hari..kalau bagi 5 btol, mesti ada balance 3 btl waktu balik..stock pun makin byk..tapi nasib baik dia mkn byk, it's ok..kalau try bagi raess pakai cup or sudu dia nak x?

zeqzeq said...

banyknya baju adik ni, 3 helai sunday, ada 7 hari maknanya 21 helai

siellianacollections said...

Irin, try the wide neck DrBrown. I'm a mother of 2 & soon 3 & a BF working mom. Alhamdulillah.. both really comfy with the tit.

IRIN PUTRI said...

He was ok with the bottle. Only lately dia tak suka. I've tried this bottle called breastflow. Suppose to function like the breast...pun tak suka.

Ni nak gi cari bottle lain. Hopefully dia ok. Kalau tak alamatnya spoonfed lah.

Thanks for the advice everyone. Part of the reason I wrote the post was to get feedback from u all :D

Adrina Adi said...

try brand chicco. dulu ada yg recommend masa i try nak start ajar guna bottle.