Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Not-So-Sleepy Boy

Lately Raees has shown so much development! He squeals, laughs (more like a chuckle really) and very responsive too. Which is why I love my weekends and day offs when I get to spend time entertaining the little guy.

However one thing that concerns me is he doesn't sleep much in the day. Probably he gets a total of 3 hours sleep, at most. Usually it's only 1-2 hours. The rest of the time he prefers to sit up and hang out with the adults.

TV time!

Sometimes when I get tired, I lay him down in his crib with hope that he'll fall asleep on his own. But no can do. With his eyes wide open, he would stare at his mobile and talk to himself in the language that only he understands.

Usually when this happens, he would be tired by night time and sleep as early as 9pm, then wake up at 6am (of course he wakes up 2-3 times to feed). But last night he decided to sleep at midnight. So unpredictable, this boy.

How much sleep does a three-month-old need?

A three-month-old baby usually sleeps between 13 and 15 hours per day. Around five hours of this will be during the day and the rest at night.


So he's not getting the ideal amount of sleep he should be getting as a 3-month-old. Is this just a phase? I sure hope so.


Thara said...

raees reminds me a lot of my own son, aydein. he is such a light sleeper (even up until now) and that used to worry me a lot. like u, i used to read up a lot on how to make him sleep more and the normal sleeping hours babies at his age need in a day. because lack of sleep means lack of development - or so they say.

but despite his lack of sleep, he's growing very well alhamdulillah. better than average, according to his doctor. so dont worry much on the sleeping part lah ok :)

one thing for sure, babies sleep when they need to, and when they dont feel like it, there's nothing much u can do about it! :P

IRIN PUTRI said...

ah..i see. that's good to know. sometimes we adults dah penat and nak take a nap, but he's still wide awake and wants to be entertained. kalau tak layan jugak, his voice would go high pitch panggil2 kita. hehe..