Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Boy's Out And About

My darling Raees,

I guess we've stayed home way too much. Although it's nice to spend so much quality time together, you needed to see the world and mommy needed a change of environment. So I brought you out over the weekend.

First stop, the light shop. Not the usual place for a day out but hey, I needed to get some lights urgently. Mommy was afraid of breaking something if I were to put you in the stroller. So I carried you in the carrier instead.

Mommy felt like a kangaroo carrying a very handsome baby kangaroo..hehe!

I was comfortable the whole time despite walking around the store for quite a while. And you looked like you were having a pleasant dream, probably about bubble bath in the sink?

Uh, carrying you around was good workout for mommy too :D

Next stop, we went out for our first family lunch. It was your first time to a shopping mall, Raees! You know, this is where mommy spend a lot of my free time. Once you're older, you and I can go shopping together ;)

It was the first time we used the stroller outdoors. See...even the handles are still covered in plastic. Hehe!

While we had our lunch, you were very obedient in your stroller...looking at us, then looking at the strange new surrounding.

You were getting bored and restless just sitting still. I guess you wanted to explore the shopping mall. Mommy and daddy took turns entertaining you but after some time you got bored with the toy too.

So Tok Mama and Tok Wan took over while mommy and daddy finished our lunch.

Mommy was glad you didn't let out a single cry. In fact, it seemed like you really enjoyed our family outing. We'll do it again soon, ok handsome boy? :)



liana said...

ahaha Raees's stroller same like my son punya.. but i dh letgo so now guna maclaren Quest.. ringan lg pun dia dah 2 years pun heheh

nerry nerry strawbery said...

Raees, come over to Sri Pentas... mesti ramai peminat, like aunty brought adif dalam stroller inside the lif jumpa dato' farid.. dah mcm dlm lif one utama pulak...

IRIN PUTRI said...

mommy kata tunggu raees big sikit nanti mommy will bring raees to sri pentas.