Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flying Off (Updated)

Raees my dear,

As much as you don't like the idea of mommy going back to work, I have another thing to tell you that's even worse.

Mommy's going overseas for 6 days :(

When you ask? This coming Monday. Yeah, that's in 4 days time :((

That means we won't be spending Hari Raya Haji together :((((((

Of course Mommy loves traveling (especially when it's not on my own expense) but I didn't think it was gonna be so soon....and so long!

Don't wait for mommy to come home to get your fresh milk, OK? Be a good boy and drink from the bottle. Mommy hopes the stored milk is enough for 6 days.

Urgh....6 days!

How can I not hold you in my arms for 6 days? How can I not be around for your 3 month birthday? How can we not spend your first Hari Raya Haji together? How can I not wake up to feed you in the middle of the night? How can I wake up and not see you by my side? How can I not hear your squeals and cries for so many days? How can I not see your handsome smile and adore you while you play with your fingers?

How, Raees. How?? :(


**************5 hours later***************


Mommy's work is so unpredictable. First mommy was told to go to Abu Dhabi in such short notice. NOW the latest and confirmed news is...

...mommy's not going to Abu Dhabi after all. Phew!!

Can't imagine leaving you for so long, my bubbly chubby handsome boy. Til that day comes, you can look forward for mommy's BIG hug when I get back from work everyday :)



Ernie Khairina said...

ouh soo sad Irin, but don't worry Raees is a good boy =) whr are u going Irin?

Suliana said...

ala siannye..pity for both of you..irin outstation gi mana?? utk program apa?? body skit:-)

jetsetter said...

owhh ur son sgt handsome!

bellafarhan said...

tabahkan hati je la ye...memang gtula kalo keja...