Monday, November 09, 2009

It's Payback Time!

Weeee...I'm so happy mommy has been home for the past 2 days!

Because she has been at work for so long, I didn't let her leave my side. I wanted feeding almost every hour, I didn't sleep much in the day AND I made her entertain me non-stop (well, almost).

She didn't step out of the house the whole weekend too. In fact, she didn't even have time to update this blog. But what matters is, I'm happy :D


kisshugkisshug said...

he does look like u.
a lot. haha..
less hairy on his head ah..
but stil...cute smile..=)

Vijay said...

Hahaha.....that's so cute! Irin I'm getting married on the 22nd of November! Did u get the card?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hey vijay..I didn't get your card.

Adrina Adi said...

kuatnya dia menyusu.. :)

take care baby raess..