Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Desk And I

Hello new desk. We finally meet. My, don't you look dull?

Hey, you didn't say you have a great view of boxes, pillars and partitions! I could just sit at this little corner the whole day and no one would know I was at work. What a way to practice my social skills, eh?

I SO look forward for lunch to get away from you, desk. And today, I ate BIG!

Banana leaf rice...yummy! What diet?

When I'm done, it's just you and me again, dear desk. You know, when I'm here, my mind wonders a lot towards the handsome boy at home. I wonder what he's doing right now. Could he be pouting like me?

*sigh* I wanna go home :(


Suhaiza Sa'at said...

Hi Irin,

biasalah tu... InsyaAllah, lama2 oklah tu. Don't think about Raees sangat, nanti jadi stress. Tawakal kepada-Nya.


Anonymous said...

sebijik sama pouting nyer tu (;

zeqzeq said...


kemas dan bersihnya meja dia..

IRIN PUTRI said...

suhaiza: mana taknya, wallpaper kat laptop ni besar2 terpampang muka raees. hehe..

anonymous: raees anak mommy :)

zeqzeq: meja baru gitu la..tunggu la 2-3 bulan lagi.

ct said...


nape melopong mulot baby tu...hehehe. Comel la....cakkkkk!