Monday, November 30, 2009


Want a great workout? How about carrying Raees up and down the stairs several times a day? It will definitely leave your arms aching, legs nicely toned and burn loads of calories!

We just got back from his 3rd-month appointment and get this...Raees' official weight is now 7.3kg! Oh, my boy is such a big boy! That's more that double his weight at birth.

His face is rounder, his cheeks are drooping lower, his pout goes further than his nose and his neck is covered by his double chin.

People say he's nice to hold coz he's tough all around. Just take a look at those thighs! The folds are getting deeper day by day.

See those blue booties? They are the new pair my mom made for her favourite (and only) grandson. Raees outgrew the earlier ones she made.

It's such an amazing feeling to see Raees growing so well, so healthy, so chubby and so handsome! Alhamdulillah :)

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~farahsyeefa~ said...

chubby nye raees...:)
syeefa 9bulan baru 7.3kg, sm berat raees!
padahal mkn byk, nganga je bila nmpk mknan...