Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cheese And Budu

I thought cravings were only during pregnancy. Turns out I'm still craving now. Pizza Hut's garlic bread is one of em. Haven't got it yet though.

Daim Cake from Ikea is THE BEST tasting cake in its class. Crunchy, soft, chocolaty, tasty, delicious! I could easily finish 2 of em, but thinking of losing weight (still) so one slice is enough :)

Another one of my cravings was Kenny Rodgers' roasted chicken. So off I went to our next door neighbour, One Utama, during lunch break. My usual side dishes are mashed potatoes and 2 servings of mac & cheese (FYI i'm a very much into cheese).

I was SO looking forward to indulge and when the waiter finally came with my order, I went, "eh?"

Is that a chicken tak cukup makan or a chick, Mr. Rodgers?? What would usually leave me full and bloated, disappointed me.

Bad Mr. Rodgers.

As you can see, I'm very much a western chick when it comes to food. Spicy food is not my thing. Chocolates, icecreams and cakes...my favourite! Rice? I can do without it for a day.

They say opposite attracts and it's true in my case - food wise. Mer is very loyal to his rice and cili padi. His favourite? Nasi kerabu (with budu).

This got me thinking. Who will Raees follow? His mommy who is very western (again, food wise) or his daddy who is very much into local delicacies?


zeqzeq said...

lain kali boleh cuba , nasi kerabu dengan cincaluk..

a!Na said...

chicken served at kenny's getting smaller each day. n i dun even know y. each day we hear complaints from guests saying that the 'ayam tak cukup makan ke?' . maybe the ayam pon taw nk diet kot. hehe. oh btw, I'm now doing part time at kenny rogers somewhere in Kepong. come n drop by sometimes ya..=)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Haa..get them to feed the chicken more! Kesian ayam, masa hidup tak kenyang...kita yg makan pun tak kenyang.