Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raees & Non-Confined Mommy

In the morning of 8 Oct 2009, I woke up to a very happy mommy. With a peck on each cheek she said,"Mommy's out of confinement, sayang! Now we raya sakan!"

And raya sakan we did! But first let me tell you what happened prior to that...

Mommy said we have a few open houses to attend on Sunday. Daddy thinks this is quite a challenge coz I'm still too small (Raees big boy lah daddy..) and it would be the first time we go out just the 3 of us. Mommy, on the other hand, was ecstatic and confident we could do it.

However a day before our outing, I was not in my best mood. I was crying a lot in which gave mommy and daddy a headache. Well yeah, I was fed and cleaned. But what they didn't know was I wanted to be carried until I fall asleep. Apelah mommy daddy ni...

Daddy said if I was this moody on Sunday, we need to cancel our little family outing. Well, Sunday came and I was at my bestest behaviour :D

Mommy pumped 2 bottles of milk for the purpose of convenience. This gave daddy a chance to feed me at one of the houses we went to.

Besides that one time feeding, I slept the whole time and didn't even asked to be changed. Mommy and daddy were relieved :)

Once we reached home, it suddenly hit me...I needed nappy change and a bath desperately! I exercised my vocal chords and I got what I wanted.

As I finished bathing I started wailing again as hunger struck. Before I managed to get dressed, I was given the second bottle of milk that mommy pumped (didn't want it to go to waste, eh?)

Look, I can hold the bottle all by myself!

So mommy, daddy...I was good the whole time we were out. Can we do it again soon? Pretty pleaseeee...

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