Saturday, October 24, 2009

Raees Heart London

When mommy and daddy brought me to London (where I met Auntie Leen and Uncle Rizal), I didn't wanna go back. The whether was nice and the people always gave mommy a seat in the tube. I felt very healthy too coz mommy walked around a lot. The swaying motion made me sleepy but as soon as night time came and mommy was resting, I was kicking around like there was no tomorrow.

I left my heart in London *sniff*

Realising this, Auntie Nor got me a gift when she visited Auntie Leen recently...

Oh, I SO heart London! Thank you for the lovely T, Auntie Nor!

I heart you too :D


~farahsyeefa~ said...

rasa teruja tiba2 irin masuk blog saya :)
hihi...mcm ne leh tau ni?
suprising la...:)
congrates for being a new mom :)
kiut la raees aryan:)

IRIN PUTRI said...

macam mana tau? haha..adalah :P

tq sbb drop by blog saya jugak :)

Thara said...

ehhh. kenji (eh sorry fiza. eh sorry nor!) surprised me with a T all the way from london for aydein too! how thoughtful of her kan! :D