Monday, October 19, 2009

Raees' Big Day In The Making

The night before Raees' aqiqah, my house was buzzing with last minute preparation. However Raees was wide awake and needed company. So we thought it was the best time to officiate his stroller!


This little card was my idea. I wanted guests to know the name and recognize the baby that was being celebrated. I think it pretty much completed the whole look and feel of the door gift.

Finished with preparation around midnight but I slept at 3am getting my handsome boy to sleep. Because of that, he was still comfortably sleeping on my bed til about 10am (guests were coming at 11am..eek!)

As soon as he opened his eyes I got him bathed before he could finally wear his traditional attire (which was suppose to be his baju raya, remember?)

So handsome!

My mother made this jubah especially for my boy about a month ago. Lucky thing he could still fit them. This boy grows so fast!

With his one of a kind jubah, my boy was all set to wow the crowd :)

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