Monday, October 05, 2009

My First Open House

Sunday was a good day for mommy and me coz we attended our first open house this raya! Yay! We went to mommy's aunt's place (mommy said I should call her Tok Su Yah). Just as I was carried in to the house, all eyes were on me and people either wanted to kiss, pinch my cheeks or carry me.

Me with Tok Su Yah

I knew I was gonna be the center of attention at the open house so what I did was sleep all the way. I'm saving my cuteness for my big day (aqiqah) that will be happening soon...hehe!

I had a great time being passed from one person to another. I was so comfortable being held the whole time! That's another reason why I didn't wake up that much. I didn't even ask to be fed. Well, at one point maybe I did feel a bit hungry but since I was surrounded by adoring relatives, I control handsome.

Here I am being carried by Tok Mama, while mommy, Auntie Amanda and Auntie Ani looking on.

Mommy said she gets tired easily when carrying me nowadays because I'm getting heavier day by day. Since there were a lot of people offering themselves to carry me that day, mommy managed to rest a while.

Mommy also said I'm as heavy as her bowling ball...go figure?

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~ SueHarriz ~ said...

babe u look gorgeous!! it's as tho u've never been preggie at all! nak kene belajar rahsia u kurus neh!! =)