Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leia Smells A Handsome Baby

Raees is 2 months young already! However he has yet to meet our extended family...our cats.

I guess they noticed the lack of attention they were getting lately and have been hearing cries that sounded new to them. Curiosity got the best of Leia, the most manja of all our kitties.

One day, she snuck in to the house and waited patiently outside my bedroom. Sorry Leia, Raees isn't ready to meet you yet. Wait til he's a bit older ok?

She waited anyway...cross legged lagi. So ladylike, this cat. Meanwhile, Raees was dozing off in his crib.

Somehow, we don't know how, Leia managed to get into the room as quiet as a mouse and just sat there.

She was careful not to come too close to the crib. Good girl!

Her bell gave her away and she was shooed out of the room to join the rest of the cats. She seemed satisfied to smell the baby smell and come just a little bit closer to the mysterious new human being that we all call Raees The Handsome Boy :)


Suliana said...

comelnye kucing..

glam.mama said...

This really reminds me of our cat, Lola, back in the US...the first few days the baby was around, she stayed as far away as she could from the baby. Then one day curiosity got the best of her and she actually jumped into the bassinet! Thankfully Aqil wasn't inside it. From then on, we let them both mingle freely - with supervision, of course. They became like brother and sister :) Sadly, we couldn't bring her home (between having the baby and the long quarantine she'd have to face, not to mention she probably wouldn't be able to stand the heat of Msia, it would have been impossible).

Anyhoo, sorry for the long-winded comment :) That pic of Leia by the crib just brought back all the memories!

IRIN PUTRI said...

glam.mama: It's nice to have a pet like that, kan? So part of the family. It must've been difficult to leave Lola behind.

Adrina Adi said...

hi irin,

i've been reading ur blog recently and kinda fall in love with it, hehe.

anyway, my mom kawan baik pada ur mom in law (mok cik mah).

take care!

IRIN PUTRI said...

hi adrina, glad you enjoy my posts :)

haa..if i'm not mistaken your mom came to my house for doa selamat for mok cik mah.

Iza said...

hi irin,was just wondering,where do you get such pretty embroidery bedding for rais crib?

IRIN PUTRI said...

My mom made them :) she also made the bassinet's cover using the same cloth. Check it out at http://veryberrymerry.blogspot.com/2009/08/grandmas-delicate-hands.html