Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Handsome Boy's Aqiqah Ceremony

I meant to update on the Aqiqah ceremony sooner but I've been preoccupied with Raees. Wait no more coz here it is...

Guests came as early as 10am to meet Raees before the ceremony began. Some of them were looking forward to meet the handsome boy for the first time. Little did they know, at that time Raees just had his bath and was still being dressed. He made the guests wait..hehe!

Once he was ready, he put on his charm and mingled with the ladies...

By 11.30am, the crowd started to pick up. Even relatives from my hometown Perlis managed to make it. I'm also happy that my late Pak Ngah's family were there to celebrate my boy.

Welcoming my Mak Ngah and children

My father started the ceremony with his welcome speech - he just loves giving speeches. All the while Raees was calm and composed...phew!

The ceremony was more special with the presence of this ustaz, who was imported all the way from Kelantan.

The ustaz's father did the belah mulut ceremony for Mer when he was a newborn (not familiar with belah mulut? I'll get to that soon.) As a gift for us, Mer's father flew the ustaz's son from Kelantan to carry out the ceremony for Raees. Confused? Let's make it simple:

Ustaz A - belah mulut for Mer
Ustaz A's son - belah mulut for Raees (Mer's son...get it?)

Belah mulut is a ceremony carried out to give the baby his first taste (besides milk that is). So here we have Raees tasting air zamzam, dates and honey.

He loved it! Didn't wanna let go of the ustaz's finger.

This was followed by cukur jambul, selawat and doa recital. He was cool the whole time! Oh, wait...he did cry during doa but stopped as soon as we gave him another taste of air zamzam, dates and honey.

Now the food was good. Of course the roasted lamb was the favourite. With no 'lamb' smell, it was like eating beef kebab.

Kids were not forgotten. Instead of having them running in and out the house, up and down the stairs...they were well behaved in the game room.

I also had a few of my friends around..

From left: My mom, Raees, Suraya, Syu, Lin

The last time Suraya and I met was probably 4-5 months ago. Now she's 6 months pregnant, very radiant and I can finally see her baby bump (although it's hardly noticeable).

Syu (my cupid) and Lin were the few people who met Raees at the hospital. I wonder if Syu has that funny feeling in her stomach looking at Raees knowing the fact that she brought his parents together in the first place. Hmm..

Raees meets the beautiful Iva Afiqah

My mind has lots of funny dialogs for the picture above! It seems the handsome boy got baby Iva's head turning already. Selling expensive, eh, Raees? Hehe..

From left: Rie, Me, Nurul, Suraya

Ahh..the Majalah 3 friends. How I missed them so dearly.

I was rested from the programme starting from my last trimester of pregnancy. I watched Majalah 3 Hari Raya special episode with such envy. It looked like they had fun working on it where the whole team gathered at a kampung house to simulate Hari Raya in 1957. At the end of the programme the whole team wished Selamat Hari Raya.

And there I was watching at home...confined. So jealous! But one look at Raees who was comfortably feeding in my arms, it all went away and a smile crept on my face :)

All in all, the whole ceremony turned out well. It was simple yet very special for Mer, me and the rest of the family.

A video will be coming up next. Wait for it...

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