Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not Your Typical Morning

One typical morning, Raees was wide awake and ready for his bath...

Oh look...he has started sucking his fingers :)

Powder and other necessary things...check check.
Warm water filled with bubbles...check.

Looks like everything's set. Let's go, Raees!

(scroll down)

Adoi...this boy! He actually fell asleep on the changing mat! And he wasn't wearing any clothes nor diaper. Thinking he was just taking a short nap, I put the towel on him to keep him warm and I waited.

Oh, I waited alright...for about 3 and a half hours! He woke up wet, hungry and unhappy. Hehe! Funny little boy.. It wasn't a typical morning after all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leia Smells A Handsome Baby

Raees is 2 months young already! However he has yet to meet our extended family...our cats.

I guess they noticed the lack of attention they were getting lately and have been hearing cries that sounded new to them. Curiosity got the best of Leia, the most manja of all our kitties.

One day, she snuck in to the house and waited patiently outside my bedroom. Sorry Leia, Raees isn't ready to meet you yet. Wait til he's a bit older ok?

She waited anyway...cross legged lagi. So ladylike, this cat. Meanwhile, Raees was dozing off in his crib.

Somehow, we don't know how, Leia managed to get into the room as quiet as a mouse and just sat there.

She was careful not to come too close to the crib. Good girl!

Her bell gave her away and she was shooed out of the room to join the rest of the cats. She seemed satisfied to smell the baby smell and come just a little bit closer to the mysterious new human being that we all call Raees The Handsome Boy :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Raees Heart London

When mommy and daddy brought me to London (where I met Auntie Leen and Uncle Rizal), I didn't wanna go back. The whether was nice and the people always gave mommy a seat in the tube. I felt very healthy too coz mommy walked around a lot. The swaying motion made me sleepy but as soon as night time came and mommy was resting, I was kicking around like there was no tomorrow.

I left my heart in London *sniff*

Realising this, Auntie Nor got me a gift when she visited Auntie Leen recently...

Oh, I SO heart London! Thank you for the lovely T, Auntie Nor!

I heart you too :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Handsome Boy's Aqiqah Ceremony

I meant to update on the Aqiqah ceremony sooner but I've been preoccupied with Raees. Wait no more coz here it is...

Guests came as early as 10am to meet Raees before the ceremony began. Some of them were looking forward to meet the handsome boy for the first time. Little did they know, at that time Raees just had his bath and was still being dressed. He made the guests wait..hehe!

Once he was ready, he put on his charm and mingled with the ladies...

By 11.30am, the crowd started to pick up. Even relatives from my hometown Perlis managed to make it. I'm also happy that my late Pak Ngah's family were there to celebrate my boy.

Welcoming my Mak Ngah and children

My father started the ceremony with his welcome speech - he just loves giving speeches. All the while Raees was calm and composed...phew!

The ceremony was more special with the presence of this ustaz, who was imported all the way from Kelantan.

The ustaz's father did the belah mulut ceremony for Mer when he was a newborn (not familiar with belah mulut? I'll get to that soon.) As a gift for us, Mer's father flew the ustaz's son from Kelantan to carry out the ceremony for Raees. Confused? Let's make it simple:

Ustaz A - belah mulut for Mer
Ustaz A's son - belah mulut for Raees (Mer's son...get it?)

Belah mulut is a ceremony carried out to give the baby his first taste (besides milk that is). So here we have Raees tasting air zamzam, dates and honey.

He loved it! Didn't wanna let go of the ustaz's finger.

This was followed by cukur jambul, selawat and doa recital. He was cool the whole time! Oh, wait...he did cry during doa but stopped as soon as we gave him another taste of air zamzam, dates and honey.

Now the food was good. Of course the roasted lamb was the favourite. With no 'lamb' smell, it was like eating beef kebab.

Kids were not forgotten. Instead of having them running in and out the house, up and down the stairs...they were well behaved in the game room.

I also had a few of my friends around..

From left: My mom, Raees, Suraya, Syu, Lin

The last time Suraya and I met was probably 4-5 months ago. Now she's 6 months pregnant, very radiant and I can finally see her baby bump (although it's hardly noticeable).

Syu (my cupid) and Lin were the few people who met Raees at the hospital. I wonder if Syu has that funny feeling in her stomach looking at Raees knowing the fact that she brought his parents together in the first place. Hmm..

Raees meets the beautiful Iva Afiqah

My mind has lots of funny dialogs for the picture above! It seems the handsome boy got baby Iva's head turning already. Selling expensive, eh, Raees? Hehe..

From left: Rie, Me, Nurul, Suraya

Ahh..the Majalah 3 friends. How I missed them so dearly.

I was rested from the programme starting from my last trimester of pregnancy. I watched Majalah 3 Hari Raya special episode with such envy. It looked like they had fun working on it where the whole team gathered at a kampung house to simulate Hari Raya in 1957. At the end of the programme the whole team wished Selamat Hari Raya.

And there I was watching at home...confined. So jealous! But one look at Raees who was comfortably feeding in my arms, it all went away and a smile crept on my face :)

All in all, the whole ceremony turned out well. It was simple yet very special for Mer, me and the rest of the family.

A video will be coming up next. Wait for it...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Raees' Big Day In The Making

The night before Raees' aqiqah, my house was buzzing with last minute preparation. However Raees was wide awake and needed company. So we thought it was the best time to officiate his stroller!


This little card was my idea. I wanted guests to know the name and recognize the baby that was being celebrated. I think it pretty much completed the whole look and feel of the door gift.

Finished with preparation around midnight but I slept at 3am getting my handsome boy to sleep. Because of that, he was still comfortably sleeping on my bed til about 10am (guests were coming at 11am..eek!)

As soon as he opened his eyes I got him bathed before he could finally wear his traditional attire (which was suppose to be his baju raya, remember?)

So handsome!

My mother made this jubah especially for my boy about a month ago. Lucky thing he could still fit them. This boy grows so fast!

With his one of a kind jubah, my boy was all set to wow the crowd :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

2 Lambs...

What a day!

After many days of preparation, Raees' big day finally came and it was a blast. He was at his handsomest, the food was good and the weather was too. Family and close friends gathered having a great time celebrating my boy :)

The full story coming soon...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Raees Shares His Raya Experience

My boy is getting cheekier and cheekier everyday. So geram! I bet you people will feel like pinching him after watching this video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raees & Non-Confined Mommy

In the morning of 8 Oct 2009, I woke up to a very happy mommy. With a peck on each cheek she said,"Mommy's out of confinement, sayang! Now we raya sakan!"

And raya sakan we did! But first let me tell you what happened prior to that...

Mommy said we have a few open houses to attend on Sunday. Daddy thinks this is quite a challenge coz I'm still too small (Raees big boy lah daddy..) and it would be the first time we go out just the 3 of us. Mommy, on the other hand, was ecstatic and confident we could do it.

However a day before our outing, I was not in my best mood. I was crying a lot in which gave mommy and daddy a headache. Well yeah, I was fed and cleaned. But what they didn't know was I wanted to be carried until I fall asleep. Apelah mommy daddy ni...

Daddy said if I was this moody on Sunday, we need to cancel our little family outing. Well, Sunday came and I was at my bestest behaviour :D

Mommy pumped 2 bottles of milk for the purpose of convenience. This gave daddy a chance to feed me at one of the houses we went to.

Besides that one time feeding, I slept the whole time and didn't even asked to be changed. Mommy and daddy were relieved :)

Once we reached home, it suddenly hit me...I needed nappy change and a bath desperately! I exercised my vocal chords and I got what I wanted.

As I finished bathing I started wailing again as hunger struck. Before I managed to get dressed, I was given the second bottle of milk that mommy pumped (didn't want it to go to waste, eh?)

Look, I can hold the bottle all by myself!

So mommy, daddy...I was good the whole time we were out. Can we do it again soon? Pretty pleaseeee...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Raees' 1st Home Video

The great thing about being with my boy 24/7 is I get to see him grow right in front of my eyes. At one and a half months, Raees seems like such a big boy as he smiles and coos more often.

Check out this video to hear his wonderful voice, although he was quite confused :)

Monday, October 05, 2009

My First Open House

Sunday was a good day for mommy and me coz we attended our first open house this raya! Yay! We went to mommy's aunt's place (mommy said I should call her Tok Su Yah). Just as I was carried in to the house, all eyes were on me and people either wanted to kiss, pinch my cheeks or carry me.

Me with Tok Su Yah

I knew I was gonna be the center of attention at the open house so what I did was sleep all the way. I'm saving my cuteness for my big day (aqiqah) that will be happening soon...hehe!

I had a great time being passed from one person to another. I was so comfortable being held the whole time! That's another reason why I didn't wake up that much. I didn't even ask to be fed. Well, at one point maybe I did feel a bit hungry but since I was surrounded by adoring relatives, I control handsome.

Here I am being carried by Tok Mama, while mommy, Auntie Amanda and Auntie Ani looking on.

Mommy said she gets tired easily when carrying me nowadays because I'm getting heavier day by day. Since there were a lot of people offering themselves to carry me that day, mommy managed to rest a while.

Mommy also said I'm as heavy as her bowling ball...go figure?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Handsome Boy Captured

My talented friend, Munirah, dropped by the other day and was kind enough to take pictures of Raees. He was very sporting and gave good poses too. Such a natural born model this boy..hehe!

To: Auntie Munirah

Thank you for taking my pictures. I look very handsome :D

Can't wait to grow up so I can go over and play with Abang Harith, Kak Athirah and Abang Uzair.

From: Raees

Thursday, October 01, 2009


My dear Raees,

For the next few months, mommy has to bring you to the doctor to get a jab every month. I know you don't like it...I can see it in your face when we were on the way to the hospital.

Did you know you've grown so much in the past month? You're reaching 5kg, sayang! And about 10cm taller. Since you're a big boy now (and handsome too), mommy's glad you put on your macho face when the doctor gave you the injection.

Oops..mommy spoke too soon. Kesian my baby boy...

But it didn't hurt that much, right? That's why your cry was cut short and you put your macho face back on :)

I guess you were glad it was done and over with coz you were at your best mood that day. It seemed like you've totally forgotten about the evil needle.

And mommy had the best time playing with you the whole day...

We had fun, didn't we sayang? :)