Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raees Speaking Out

I LOVE bath time.

It's my favourite part of the day. I usually give my cue for bath around 8 in the morning after mommy feeds me and when I've done my big business. And today was extra special coz mommy bathed me for the first time!

Usually Tok Mama does it. However today mommy took charge coz she doesn't want to rely on Tok Mama all the time. Mommy was being very careful with me but she did a good job anyway. But at one point I couldn't hold it anymore and peed on mommy. Sorry mommy!

With fresh clothes, diapers and undergarments (barut)...I feel so fresh! I'm usually in my best mood at this time.

Mommy finished it off by brushing my hair and then showered me with kisses and said, "You're such a handsome boy!" She says that a lot :)

Mommy then laid me on the bed so I can play with daddy, while it was mommy's turn to take her bath.

Soon I got hungry again.

Somehow I get hungry a lot since yesterday...I think I needed feeding almost every hour. I guess it's because I'm growing. Usually I would sleep after feeding but today I've been wide awake most of the time. I only slept on mommy's lap while we were watching TV together.

Mommy in her confinement gear

The best place to sleep...mommy's lap

But once she put me down, I was awake again...and hungry.


m0mmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

"I never knew caring for my bundle of joy will take so much of my time"...tat's y i get really annoyed when ppl asked me "keja ape?" and when i reply "i'm a stay-at-home-mom" they will give me the look of ohhh-dok-rumah. Like as if i have all the time to goyang kaki!

Thara said...

"But once she put me down, I was awake again...and hungry."

hehe raees sounds so much like my son, aydein! pantang letak, misti terjaa. asek nak someone hold die je. lemak ni our boys ni. :P