Monday, September 14, 2009

Raees On Webcam

Confinement is not as bad nor boring as some people said it would be...for me at least.

I never knew caring for my bundle of joy will take so much of my time. I used to be a couch potato and now with my boy around, I hardly touch the TV remote control. When Raees is asleep, I'm usually online. When he's feeding, occasionally I go online too. Like right now for example - typing single handedly. Hehe!

But Raees hardly slept today. So what did we do to kill time? We had a webcam session with Mer at work :D

Raees loves the laptop. Besides staring at himself on screen, I put on Sesame Street and he was hooked! In between we would say hello to Mer.

He's getting an early start with IT. Is that a sign that he'll follow his daddy's footsteps? Hmm...


Thara said...

ish i SO admire ur spirit lah. if ure online when raees is asleep, when do YOU find time to sleep? hebat la u! i rmbr dulu, asal baby i tido je, misti i pon tido lah! i only started being friends with the cyber world again only after abt a month! hehe.

but then again fiza (ur sis in law, and yes im her friend :P) told me that ure a very positive person urself, so no surprise there. :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

what I meant was, when Raees is asleep in the day, I would go online. Kalau malam of course I tido..hehe! Dunno lah, can't seem to sleep well siang2.

Oh you're a friend of Nor'! Well, yeah I would call myself an optimist :)

Iza Wonders said...

Hi Irin,ive always wanted to name my baby Raes but the last check up shown that im gonna get a baby girl..probably will named her Raesa :)instead.Im 8 months+ pregnant and will be due in so scared but looking at your posts,it really does excite me.BDw,Where did u get the kekabu mattress?was looking for it too.Love ur cat house!Take Care!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hi Iza,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Raesa is a nice name :)

Everybody gets scared when expecting, especially the 1st baby. But I put in mind that billions of women have gone through it, so can I.

I got the kekabu mattress from my granduncle. He does it for a living. You can order from him if you want, I can give his contact number.

Iza said...

Hi Irin,

Great. I need to get two of the those. My MIL said kekabu mattress is a lot better than the expensive latex.Appreciate it so much if u could give me his contact no.TQ

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hi Iza,

Do you have an email address I can send the details to?

Iza said...

Oo yea u can email me at