Monday, September 21, 2009

Mommy Explains About Raees' Baju Raya

My handsome boy Raees,

What are the odds of Tok Mama's sewing machine breaking down just 2 days before Hari Raya. Sorry you didn't get to wear your first traditional attire, sayang. We'll save it for your aqiqah ok? The machine should be fixed by then.

Instead of going traditional, you went international instead. Mommy put the nice 2-piece on you, one that daddy bought in Germany. You know, that time we didn't know if you were a girl or boy. But daddy had good instinct and chose blue.

This year mommy and daddy went with the blue theme to match you, Raees. However before we managed to take a family photo, an incident happened. I'm sure you remember the incident where you created a fountain on the changing mat that got your top wet.

It's like a blessing in disguise. If you had worn the official baju raya, there wouldn't be a back up traditional attire.

So daddy searched your drawer for another blue top in an effort to maintain our theme colour. Do you remember mommy buying a dark blue Scotland t-shirt for you when mommy and daddy went for the Europe tour with you in the belly?

My cheeky little Scottish boy

Don't we look nice with the different shades of blue? :)

And on the second day of Hari Raya, mommy chose the bright red top for you. This one mommy got when mommy went to Germany with your favourite cartoonist, Lat.

That time you were not in mommy's belly yet. Initially mommy bought this as a gift for mommy's friend who just had a baby but daddy said, "keep it for our baby."

So after almost a year of safe keeping, finally the t-shirt is on you, my boy. And you look so handsome!

Hope you enjoyed your first Hari Raya, Raees.


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