Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lets Talk About The Mommy For A Change

Ever since Raees came into the picture, my blog has been all about that handsome boy. Well, let's just divert the attention back to me, shall we? :D

The past month of confinement, my mother took good care of me just like how my late grandmother did her years ago. She would quote my granny...

"It's very important to take very good care of your body after you have your first child. If you only start with the second, third child and so on, it doesn't work so much."

So my mom paid close attention to the things I eat and do. Since my room is upstairs, I hardly go down unless really necessary because I'm suppose to limit my movements. Food is sent to my room 4 times a day - breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

Oh, I feel so spoilt :P

My favourite pancakes and cereal for breakfast

Most of the time I have the traditional corset a.k.a. bengkung on, which is put on me by who else but me mama...

It's a simple 10 meter cloth that is tied around me very tightly. Here's how it looks like when untied...

Uh, here's the best part. Underneath I'm covered in a mixture of limestone paste (kapur) and lime (asam limau). They're suppose to help shrink my belly and lighten the skin tone.

At times I have to resist taking the bengkung off coz I would feel itchy. But thinking how tedious it is to put back on, I would just scratch from the outside..hehe..

Food-wise, I was told to stay away from cold food/drinks. What do I do if I feel like having, say, sirap bandung laici? I would have it at room temperature. Same goes for apple juice. Although not as nice, at least I get a taste of it ;)

Being a sweet-tooth, I can't go on without snacks for long before I search high and low for some. Since I can't have ice cream, chocolates will do...

I have about 2 more weeks to go with confinement. Hope to return to my pre-preggers size and weight soon! I know, I know, chocolates don't help...cannot tahan lah :P

But I am making progress, aren't I?


nasreen said...

marvelous! you're looking good. must get tips :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

hehe..thanx :)