Sunday, September 06, 2009

Yellow baby

For the first time i'm updating this blog via my trusted old sony ericsson w850.

Why u ask?

Coz Raees is latched on to me right now and my phone is the closest thing i can grab.

He still requires phototherapy for his jaundice.

Poor boy..his bilirubin level shot up and the yellowness on his skin seems more obvious now. We're forced to rent the home phototherapy machine again.

Hope after this round of treatment he'll show improvement. So kesian looking at him laying under the light like that..

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PermataKaseh said...

Irin, my sons oso had jaundice after they were born. We had tried so many things but failed. At last, a doctor friend advised to get some 'akar kayu' from a sensei shop. Alhamdulillah, after 3 bathes the jaundice was gone. However, some doctors said the yellowish on the baby's skin due to breastfeeding. Don't worry, insyaAllah everything will be fine :)