Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Day I Broke Down

On the 3rd extra day at the hospital, Raees' doctor came with the same news as the previous 2 days. He still needed phototherapy for his jaundice as the bilirubin level wasn't going down.

Mer considered staying another night at the hospital. And just like that, my hormones came crashing big time. I broke down and cried like a mad lady.

I wanted to go home - badly.

Instantly, Mer decided to discharge Raees and me from the hospital that very day. We were also confident coz we found out that Raees can continue with home phototherapy.

Hooorayyy! Such joy :)

We waved goodbye to our room which we've occupied for 4 nights and made the wonderful journey home.

My dear Raees,

We're home, sayang!



mOmmyofTRIPLETSplusONE said...

oh how do u do the home phototherapy?

anyway, i used buah keranji when uZAir had jaundice. it works well with uZAir. managed to escape from being hospotalized for the phototherapy

IRIN PUTRI said...

there's this company that provides portable phototherapy machine. they come to the house and set up for u. but quite susah to get raees to stay still in it though.

we're trying other alternatives too.